What Makes Jesus Joyful?

THEME CHALLENGEWHAT MAKES JESUS JOYFUL? – send one poem (old or new), we will post them as we get them. All will be acknowledged. Bless each one of you. Add date written if known.  ALSO add a short background story about writing the poem.

THEME MONTHS: MARCH AND APRIL 2021. We will send each of you an award during the week after Easter.

SEND YOUR POEM FROM A PARENT OR ADULT DIRECT TO: peterwill@redthreadpoets.com

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We will present, as we go, all qualifying poems received, in each challenge for young people up to age 15. CURRENT CHALLENGE: see 'Poem' - What makes Jesus Joyful? --- EACH PERSON SUBMIT ONLY ONE POEM -- All qualifying entrants will receive a Scroll&Quill in the week after the Challenge ends. ---If you like the idea, be sure to sign up for the Newsletter, to receive Youth Challenge announcements for your children and grandchildren, and to hear of other good things.