What makes Jesus Joyful?

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The Joy of I AM


Then I (wisdom) was beside Him as a master craftsman.
And I was daily His delight.
Rejoicing always before Him.
Rejoicing in His inhabited world.
And My delight was with the sons of men.
Prov. 8:30-31

I AM He that comforteth you.
I AM with you to deliver you.
I AM with you to save you.
I AM with you always. 

I AM     your Rock,

            your refuge,

            your high tower,

            your strength,


This is who I AM for I change not.

I AM Abba father

I AM righteous and pure; I cannot be what I am not.

I number the hairs on your head, I determine the cells of your body.

I conduct the infinite energetic components of your trans dimensional design –

Of MY design of MY Creation.


I am not Happy… with you,

I AM consumed with Holy Delight.

Kadosh. Kadosh. Kadosh.


It is only by a mystery of omnipotent capacity that I survive even the loss of one child.

Losing you is losing MY heart. Pure love capacitates the mystery of the loss of my delight.

Even so it is not My will that even one of these little ones should perish.


Its all about me, the father and I are one, because I AM HOLY.

And I delight in you my child.

I cannot by the very nature of who I AM deviate to the right or left, up or down, back or forth from my delight in you.

I keep you as the apple of my eye.


He that hath an ear let him hear.

Let the Spirt of truth be loosed like an arrow flying true…

Soaked in Heavenly oil alight with Holy fire, find its mark in the hearts of men.


Holy. Holy. Holy.




Author: Chester McNaughton



Christ’s Love, True Love

You say love is patient and love is kind,
They say love is bitter and love is blind.
You say love doesn’t envy and doesn’t boast,
They say love is the one with the most.
You say love isn’t rude or self seeking,
They say love is crude without peeking.
You say love keeps no record of wrongs,
They say love is all poems and songs.
You say love always protects and never fails,
They say love can be received through the mail.
I don’t think me and them are connecting,
They say what they say but I am objecting.
You are talking about a different kind of love.
The love you refer to comes from above.
A love that made Jesus heed God’s call,
To come down and die for the sins of us all.
This Jesus who knew no sin became sin for us,
Why can’t we understand true love as thus?

By: Jake Knickerbocker

From 1 Corinthians 13
These three remain: faith hope and love,
But the greatest of these is love.


Imagining what makes Jesus joyful

Our Triune God, The Trinity
Eternal team, joyful unity
That day expansion on their mind
Prospects of joy of another kind
The sea air and land were burgeoning
With creatures beyond imagining
Never anything like this before
No exceptions, what’s not to adore
There’s cute adorable and neat
Tiny massive and all complete
Outrageous colours and designs
Surely past possible of refines
But these creatures never had a voice
To love or hate us by their choice
What if in our own image made
We now add humans to our parade
No greater joy could we foresee
Than those few rejecting the enemy
Turning their backs on worldly wealth
Each a humble surrendered self
Relationship with us put first
Love and obedience their thirst
Likeness to us the big appeal
Fellowship friendship the real deal
They honour we are God supreme
They understand true love’s our dream
And joyfulness that flows from that
Is Jesus’ joyful habitat
By: peterwill Stevens: March 22, 2021
Luke 15:32
It was meet that we should make merry, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found. KJV


A rhyme called:



For the joy set before Him

Jesus came to set us free

From all that could harm us 

We come on bended knee

To our Saviour so gentle

Who really does love me


Jesus cuts the bonds of fear

And dries up every tear

Sending sickness away 

He leaves His Spirit here


Jesus knows our struggle well

And His Grace will always tell

When He comes to save us all

We’ll follow His joyful call.


Jennie Starling: 24th March 2021.

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God”. (Hebrews 12:2).



The prayers of the saints,
the flavor of their offering a sweetsmelling savor,
intercession for broken spirit,
imprisoned hearts experiencing chains breaking.
Amazing grace received in the place of condemnation,
salvation promises eternal life,
trumpets sound signify Christ calling for His Bride.
Godly sorrow worketh repentance,
a prostitute’s freedom, a murderer’s redemption,
the enemy’s bruised head a testament to our strength.


God’s children partaking in the divine nature,
commanding greater things to come forth;
lame walking, an abolishment of cancer, AIDS, and sickness,
a church flourishing, dependent upon the NAME!
Fathers returning home in leadership,
training up our kids in The Way,
marriages built how God intended,
a threefold cord not easily broken.
Faithfulness to the purposes of God,
devotion to His precepts,
experiencing a better covenant by the blood He shed.
The sinner made whole,
the molested healed,
a prodigal’s journey home reveals a contrite heart forgiven.


Exalted above every name,
coming into the hearts of man, their praise inhabited,
the Master’s return, pleased by His servants’ use of talents.
What makes Jesus joyful is the appreciative,
effectual use of His gift, introducing someone else to Him,
the building of His kingdom,
sealing His servants, who He now calls friends.
Savoring the day we’ll be caught up together to meet Him in the clouds,
a new Heaven and Earth, A New Jerusalem,
singing “Hallelujah!” while lifting holy hands….

Makes me joyful too!

By: Marshall Jones: March 25, 2021



I finally typed this April 1, 2021 having written it on March 14th after Jesus asked me to ask poets to write about what makes Him joyful.

He had already got me out of a cosy bed once, this was the second of three times that night, and I was clearly to hand write only, without wearing glasses! I complied, and had forgotten until I was editing one of Marshall’s Daily Devotions on April 1st. For a moment, picture me every day getting an email from the Correctional Center in Redgranite, Wisconsin USA, from Marshall, so faithfully – he never misses a day – that’s the backdrop for this poem. Plus my many emails to Marshall – I try not to nit pick so it’s quite rare really that I need to double check a word or sentence, as I make minor word-smithing  – I feel okay without approval. We coach and guide and encourage each other, we laugh a lot  – one day when we meet and hug  – it’s going to be one of the biggest moments in history. So here is what I typed into Notes on my iPhone, yesterday – and you should know Marshall is totally okay with me posting this..

My editor role’s evolved
Beyond a human spell check
Marshall’s so anointed
His devotions so appointed

He gives me editor finds
To keep me on his mind
He uses the spell check defence
To keep me thus amused

My response: ‘when you are done
pretend to be your reader’
But I know what that’s like
Why proof read if it’s done?

His solution putting it down
And later picking it up
fresh as someone else
Come at it all afresh!

I just have to apologize

Here’s what the Lord just said:
“Peter, you both don’t understand
when you’ve written what I gave you
when ‘you’ve finished’ –
what I really want is to have you
… from the top, slowly savour
the writing, together
our partnership …
that’s what makes ME joyful”

Truth to tell, the above quote
is from two separate inputs
The joyful part was a later day
But Marshall really got it

I was totally satisfied at the time
But tonight the Lord had me ‘got it’

I’ve been diligently editing
Every day,
checking verse sources
fixing the finds
and getting postings
to our feed forces

All the while thriving on the wisdom
Significant in each days Devotion
BTW i notice this isn’t a rhyming poem!

I’m noticing these poems we write
are an experiential process
It’s a story, it’s not about the product

It’s as I live and learn
what I’ve been through
with YOU as I go write

That’s why I’m up right now
Writing this out – getting the
Ah’ha’s as I go – hand writing now
And this one without my glasses

THE AH’HA that got me up
to write this earlier
was this in effect …

“Peter I suggest this savouring for you both:
You could both do that
not just after writing
but also after editing
It IS a Daily Devotional”

I got it
After the doing, which needs to be done
It’s time for being
After being guided in the writing
Sit back
Savour what’s been written
But much moretantly*

“SAVOUR The product in a process with ME,
savouring the process
of writing and creating
but more importantly
savouring throughout
each other’s company

Yes, ME and you
just ME and you
that’s what brings ME joy”

*that is what I wrote – The Lord is having me lighten up and savour the process and the product, and have fun with Him.


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