Still room.

Bent knees.

Slanted brows.

I sought the Lord revealed to me.

I heard no voice but an inner impulse say,

“I am your peace, your joy, your love.

I am constantly revealed to you”.

In your joy, I am present.

In your love, I am near,

When you have peace

You have me.




Prayer of Rest 


Quiet me to the point

That I hear nothing but your voice

May I be close enough to

Feel your heartbeat

Still enough to know your beside me,

And in rest

Watch as you renew me.





This poem was inspired by Psalm 27 which says, “to gaze on the beauty of the Lord”. I was struck by the word gaze as in our day and age many seem to offer a mere glance because they do not take the time to be still and “contemplate the wonders of the Lord”.




Still, be still my soul.

When the rush of life increases

I need stillness all the more.

To sit, to meditate, breathe deep

And contemplate

The wonders of the Lord.


How easily my mind wanders from

Thought to thought

Of earthly things

that need not be sought.


If I can’t learn to focus

my attention in the stillness,

how much easier will it be

to be swept up in the business.


Lord, give me the grace to

Take the time to focus

On what’s most important,

To gaze, no glance upon

Your beauty in all it’s

Glorious holiness.





This poem was written during a retreat I did by myself.  


From the waves of this age that brainwash my mind,

I slip away

From a thousand voices

That dictate my life

I take a break

From the noise of this world

That blurs my ways

I step away

There in the silence

I can hear your whisper

My soul knows where to stay



I have always enjoyed all things creative whether poetry, performance, or photography. I believe that every single person is creative, it is just a matter of discovering what you have always carried within you. I have recently completed a Bachelor of Performing Arts and English and Creative Writing at UniSA, with the hopes of undertaking a Masters of Teaching in the near future. In the past year, poetry has been my main focus and I have started a poetry page on Facebook and Instagram (I: @sophie_joy_trenholm; F: @sophiejoytrenholm). I am a world traveller. I was born in Canada, grew up in Upstate New York, USA, lived in the UK for four years, and am now residing in Australia. During my years at university, I was also blessed to be able to travel to South Africa, Malaysia, and India. I love discovering the richness of cultures and the beauty that exists around the world. Travel has truly shaped the way I live and become an inspiration to my creativity. I have a big heart to see God's love revealed through the sphere of art and creativity which holds a powerful influence in our day and age. My poems tend to be short reflections about life and spirituality which often turn into prayers. My hope is that through the simplicity of the poems I wish to share, that you would be inspired and encouraged to find greater beauty in this life and the life to come.