Thank you for your interest in Red Thread Poets.

FIRSTLY: if you would like to chat before doing anything else, please contact me at or through any of my links, on my poet pages.

SECONDLY: some folks really dislike forms, process, procedures etc., I really understand.

THIRDLY: A few thoughts

  1. Each poet / songwriter has UNLIMITED placements or pages available for their exclusive use. We want pages to be all about YOU, your work, your copyright, your personality, poems any length, any format. Also any number of poems in each placement. See Free Indeed by Marshall Jones as an example.
  2. We are using Barlow Condensed for poems for the consistent experience of the reader, but if IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT for your work we have other fonts.
  3. You may like to have (i) a comment under each photograph, and (ii) a ‘preamble’ before and/or (iii) a ‘postamble’ at the end of each page. A preamble can be: date written, or your inspiration etc ; a ‘postamble’ can be a reference, a link, an acknowledgment, your inspiration etc.
  4. You can RECORD (audio on mp3) your poems as there will be many in our growing audience who love to hear the poems in your voice or by someone you have chosen (again it is optional),
  5. We love to splash the site with beauty and photographs, and would love a photograph with each placement  … some people prefer no photograph, we like them as they add colour and interest – and a creative look – great for inspiration. You will see in the input doc below that we post the poem photographs at 2,000 pixels x 500 pixels – ‘wide and shallow’! You may not be able to do that – but we can for you  – however word of warning if they are portrait only a part will show when squidged into 2,000 x 500!!! Another point  – we can come up with photographs if you like – we would fit as closely to the poem and let you see them before we post them.
  6. YouTube video inks can be to a video version if you made one, or to a particular musical or video link that goes with / supports your work,
  7. What you see on Poet pages is all that is kept on the website, as there is no login at this point. Information we ask for below beyond that is on a secure private server not accessible to the public. We share nothing. See our Terms of Service and Privacy for more details. Yes, there is quite a bit of gathering together for this – but we trust you think it’s “SO WORTH IT”!!!

LASTLY: I look forward to meeting you and partnering with you, peterwill

 After submitting the input below, please forward all required attachments to