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RED GRANITE Daily Devotions

Red Granite Daily Devotions eBooks by Marshall Jones, which were first published on Red Thread Poets Facebook pages, may be downloaded from this page. FIVE are in varying stages of eBook development:

  1.      PSALM 91: – 16 Daily Devotions: The first was posted on January 2, 2021. CLICK LINK: Psalm 91 eBook
  2.      LOVING YOU: – 30 Daily Devotions: The first was posted on January 28, 2021. CLICK LINK: LOVING YOU eBook
  3.      THE FEARLESSNESS OF FAITH: – 21 Daily Devotions the first was posted on March 13, 2021. CLICK LINK: The Fearlessness of Faith eBook
  4.      WARFARE IN THE SPIRIT – 16 Daily Devotions: The first was posted on May 19, 2021. CLICK LINK: Warfare In The Spirit eBook
  5.      THE BEATITUDES – 10 Daily Devotion: The first was posted on July 21, 2021. CLICK LINK: The Beatitudes eBook
  6.      THE FORGIVENESS OF GOD – 15 Daily Devotions: The first was posted on August 13, 2021. CLICK LINK: The Forgiveness of God eBook
  7.      RED GRANITE DAILY DEVOTIONS – to date Marshall has been guided to over 400 daily devotions from the first ever on November 1, 2020!! 
  8.      NEW eBook series coming shortly:

    Psalm 23 – 6 Daily Devotions

    Jesus Christ – The Mystery Uncovered – 31 Daily Devotions

    Marital Bliss Series – 12 Daily Devotions

    Godly Prosperity Series – 10 Daily Devotions

  9. RED GRANITE A YEAR OF DAILY DEVOTIONS – This may be available in book form at a later date.  Picture 366 days Daily Devotions, one a day for a year. Please support Marshall and Jessica in prayer.

All Daily Devotions may also be viewed on this website at: https://www.redthreadpoets.com/category/100-poets/red-granite-daily-devotions/