THE FOUNDER of Red Thread Poets, is The Creator / Our Triune God (also referred to as The Holy Trinity God with three personalities or collectively three persons in One: God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit – I love the Hebrew Names for God: Adonai Elohim, Yeshauh HaMashiach and Ruach HaKodesh). We followed a path in May 2020, to establish this poetry web site, to Glorify God, and at the same time honour poets, songwriters and and writers so their creative works may  be a blessing to all who read and listen to them.

Prayer for Red Thread Poets, participants and readers:

Father God, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, we ask that the spirit of excellence rests upon Red Thread Poets and all its participants and readers. We ask that Red Thread Poets be engaged only in assignments that are blessed by The Lord God, and we ask that they are charged with the Names of God, Jehovah-Jireh (God who Provides), Jehovah-Rapha (God who Heals), Jehovah-Shammah (The Lord is There), Jehovah-Nissi (The Lord is my Banner in Victory), Jehovah-Tsidkenu (The Lord our Righteousness), Jehovah-Makkedesh (The Lord who Sanctifies / makes Holy), Jehovah-Ra’ah (The Lord my Shepherd), Jehovah-Shalom (The God of our Peace), Jehovah-Gibbowr (Mighty God), Jehovah Elohim (Father God / God the Creator / Lord of Lords), Jehovah-Sabaoth (The Lord of Hosts), Jehovah-Issuw (God who is Strong), Jehovah-Hoseenu (My Lord and Maker), Jehovah-Quana (The Jealous God), Jehovah Chayil (The God of Strength), Jehovah-Milchamah (The God Mighty in Battle), El-Shaddai (Almighty God), El-Elyon (Most High God), El-Olam (The Eternal God), El-Roy (The God Who see me), Yeshuah Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

We also ask that Red Thread Poets be interfaced with the seven Spirits of God; the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel, the Spirit of Might, the Spirit of Knowledge, and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.

We ask for living water to purge every aspect of Red Thread Poets and its participants and readers from all defilement. We thank You Father God for synchronization with Your heartbeat, and we ask that the voice of Most High God vibrate over Red Thread Poets and its participants and readers, aligning us all with the cadence of Your heart.

We behold with open faces the glory of the Lord and ask that we be changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

We seal this prayer across every realm, age, timeline, and dimension, past, present, and future, to infinity, and from the beginning across eternity. We call this day blessed, fruitful, and prosperous in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen