May your blood come fill the cracks of my broken way and mend the path of my mistakes.


May your blood come fill the cracks of my broken way and mend the path of my mistakes.


Without you I am nothing.

Through you I am all things.

My soul remains an empty space

Without your infilling.

From you, and through you,

And to you are all things

I am created from your image,

Through your power,

To your glory.


I am wholly yours.



November 13, 2019


Like a bird,

I wish to fly through the gates of your palace,

lie down in a nest near your altar,

and praise you with unceasing song.

I have always enjoyed all things creative whether poetry, performance, or photography. I believe that every single person is creative, it is just a matter of discovering what you have always carried within you. I have recently completed a Bachelor of Performing Arts and English and Creative Writing at UniSA, with the hopes of undertaking a Masters of Teaching in the near future. In the past year, poetry has been my main focus and I have started a poetry page on Facebook and Instagram (I: @sophie_joy_trenholm; F: @sophiejoytrenholm). I am a world traveller. I was born in Canada, grew up in Upstate New York, USA, lived in the UK for four years, and am now residing in Australia. During my years at university, I was also blessed to be able to travel to South Africa, Malaysia, and India. I love discovering the richness of cultures and the beauty that exists around the world. Travel has truly shaped the way I live and become an inspiration to my creativity. I have a big heart to see God's love revealed through the sphere of art and creativity which holds a powerful influence in our day and age. My poems tend to be short reflections about life and spirituality which often turn into prayers. My hope is that through the simplicity of the poems I wish to share, that you would be inspired and encouraged to find greater beauty in this life and the life to come.