Easy with the throttle, slower on the brakes–

Plunge not headlong into holy mistakes.

A day at a time, one thing then the next,

Arrange the cause, and live with the effects.

Yea, plead the Cause to work His way to you;

Or pray the prayer, and with that, then, be through.

But asking once tends to leave men unchanged:

The former heals, the latter leaves the same.

Praying daily gets your pleas to heaven;

Your core is shaken, your bread is given.

So pick up rhythms, if you can, of the divine–

What starts as awkward flattens out in time.

Such face opposition but stick to the task,

And give defense whenever they are asked.

But some foes are more acidic in their tone,

Clinging fast unto their rotten throne:

The proud judge, critics nag, sceptics ask why,

But God loves you, and bids you come and die.

A sinner saved by grace. I live in Boise, Idaho, USA where I mow lawns, run a nonprofit, and write poetry.