A Prayer for Mercy


Live fast, die young, leave your corpse looking good

Selfies on mountains will show where I stood

I knelt down and prayed with the lowly,

In every way striving to be holy.

Attending church weekly to pray and sing,

Failing at nothing, except everything.

Lord have mercy on me, a sinner;

Thought I was expert, but alas, beginner.

Poor relationships with family and friends

Hating the means, but loving the ends.

While I cannot see beyond my next breath,

Samuel Rutherford focused on death–

Grant me the grace to emulate the godly

Fervent in prayer, and faithful in body:

May my body reflect what my heart knows,

And remain standing despite the world’s blows.

Paul said he ran the raced and finished the course;

God saw his heart, not the strength of his horse.

The humble reside in lowly places,

Standing in gaps and filling in spaces,

Interceding on behalf of the brothers,

These women here are my sisters and mothers.

Forgive me Father for the wrong I’ve done;

Let not false teachers block views of the Son,

And may I not stop what the Spirit’s begun.

A sinner saved by grace. I live in Boise, Idaho, USA where I mow lawns, run a nonprofit, and write poetry.