Quote from November 24, 2021 Los Angeles Tribune, interview with Doc:

“So, for me, it’s a personal relationship even though I go to church and have a wonderful pastor. Make no mistake about it, I am there for Jesus, and it is even better to be around like-minded people.

I try to keep this relationship going within my poetry as well by mentioning God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, Heaven and Angels in some way. It doesn’t matter if my poems are serious or funny, I always try to include him and that is where I came up with the following poem.  I just hope he has a sense of humor.”

Blood Shut eyes with a broken soul

A lifetime of pain has taken its toll

Storm clouds are rolling in bringing tears of days gone by

Praying that my darkest clouds, will now become my brightest skies

On a downhill journey that seems to have no end 

On a road with countless turns and even more painful bends

I now sit on this bar stool that now has become my new best friend

I just sit right here until that moment becomes my end

Wiping my eyes while stumbling to gain some control 

Brushing off the harden dirt that now covers this old soul

Become a man that I can be proud of once again

And walk right here with Jesus, till my journey comes to an end

I know he is with me, he would never leave my side

He loves me so much that for me he even died

I walk in Faith, so now I’ll Pray and know all will be OK

Because I have all the trust in him, for he will guide my way

I’ve Prayed like hell to the Heavens above

To ask for his mercy and even more his love

My church is now this bar stool and I Pray on how much farther this old soul can go

But for now I say, Hey bartender, a shot of Cuervo and some Jesus to go

The Depressed Poet comes from many years of suffering from Depression. While in the hospital for this a doctor suggested that I try my hand at poetry and that is where life changed for me. I wrote about things I never really thought of before like God, Jesus, Heaven and so on. I do not consider myself a great or good writer because, I am not. What I am is a man, who stumbles through his words, so he can make it through his days. I also host a podcast called, The Coffee and Prayer Series.