I’m battle-ready – bring it on!

I fear no dark or hellish throng,

For by my side is God The Son,

So this war is already won!


In Jesus I know I can’t lose,

I fight with weapons that He’ll choose,

I trust Him with faith strong and true,

For know He died to pay MY dues.


My feet stand on the cornerstone,

A soul prepared in love is honed,

‘though human bravery has flown,

My spirit’s strength’s from Heaven’s throne.


Emboldened, unafraid I feel,

Dressed top to toe in divine steel,

God’s armour’s forged with Holy seal,

His succour and great power are real.


I wield His shield and mighty sword,

To defend from un-godly hoards,

‘though trials and battles leave me sore,

No wounds will fester or stay raw.


For God will keep me fighting-on,

And Jesus makes me new and strong,

I’ll stand firm ‘til I join the throng,

In Heaven, where my soul belongs.

Written 2021

Short bio...."my name is Suzanne Newman and I live in The Midlands in England. I have always liked reading poetry, but only started writing it earnestly in 2018, when The Lord put it upon my heart. I find it cathartic and like to use poetry to share my struggles with the hope of encouraging others in a similar position. I suffer from clinical depression & anxiety & had cancer in 2015/16 & still battle with the effects of that treatment to this day."