I’m drifting in a rotting boat,

Whose name upon the side is “Hope”,

It’s shrinking smaller everyday,

Beneath the storm clouds…looming…grey.


I eddy round upon the tide,

Of troubled waters’ rough, cold ride,

There’re shadows when I look straight down,

Which smirk and wait for me to drown.


I cannot row as have no oars,

Can’t swim, as I’m too far from shore,

I try to paddle with my hands,

But don’t know which way is dry land.


I miserably sit in a heap,

With water lapping round my feet,

I fear it’s just a matter of time,

‘til I’m consumed, by this gloomy brine.


But… as I’m waiting here to die,

I spot something, and squint my eyes,

I see a figure, glowing bright,

Which looks like my Lord Jesus Christ!


He’s walking right across the waves,

Towards me, and I know I’m saved!

He calms the foaming, troubled seas,

And tells all shadows to leave me be.


He sends the storm and clouds away,

And brings light to my darkest day,

He gently steps into my boat,

Brings it to life and revives “Hope”.


He plugs the leaks and mends the sides,

And makes sure I feel safe inside,

I thank Him as I take His hand,

When He says He knows the way to land.


I rest my head upon His chest,

His love and power do leave me blessed,

With God’s great guidance at the tiller,

The ride is smoother and waters stiller.


And Christ negotiates the seas,

That threatened, once, to engulf me,

I find such comfort in the presence of,

My awesome Saviour’s grace and love.


And all things in this mortal realm,

Are better with Him at the helm,

For He’s the way, the truth and life,

Throughout all trials and tests and strife.


And I am safe within God’s hands,

Who made the sky and sea and land,

He keeps my peace and hope afloat,

So gladly, I let Him steer my boat.

Suzanne Newman 2020

Short bio...."my name is Suzanne Newman and I live in The Midlands in England. I have always liked reading poetry, but only started writing it earnestly in 2018, when The Lord put it upon my heart. I find it cathartic and like to use poetry to share my struggles with the hope of encouraging others in a similar position. I suffer from clinical depression & anxiety & had cancer in 2015/16 & still battle with the effects of that treatment to this day."