He heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds. Psalm 147:3


There have been times in my life that the pain has seemed so overwhelming that I felt like I wanted to die.  I can tell you now that this is a lie from the enemy.  Don’t believe that lie.  God Loves You.  He can even mend your broken heart.  I know as he healed mine.

Be Bold In Battle

I wrote this about a time when my heart was broken from a lost love and I wanted to die.  I was just 21 years old. I felt the battle going on inside of me.  Then I felt the battle above me.  The battle for my soul.  My soul was won as I was filled with the Holy Spirit.  I have faced many battles since, but I now know I am on the winning team!   I hope you find some love and encouragement as I share my words and heart with you. 

I just want to scream

Escape this dream

The darkness overwhelms me

I can’t see beyond the misery

I can’t find the door

I collapse to the floor

I can’t escape the pain

I can’t explain

As I cry WHY

WHY Do I want to die

That is a LIE

The attack is not from me

But I have an army

To conquer the enemy

To handle the battle the fight

So let your emotions take flight

Release them to the sky

The darkness inside

Can’t hide

From my light

The battle rages

Throughout the ages

Lord help me please

I don’t want to die

I won’t fall for that lie

I know you can’t see

Just trust in me

Look up now across the sea

Take up you Sword

Just believe

Because you are Loved

From Above

Like the Dove

Just be still

Let my Spirit fill

You with my love my light

The battle is already won

Though we have just begun

Can you hear the wave

Be Brave


Do not fear

I am here

I cut through your pain

Let my love reign

You choose True Love

The Peace is your Release

Take up your sword now

I will show you how

I will shine my light


On your heart

Where it broke apart

Feel the warmth there

Do not fear

My child can’t you see

I love you

The one I created

You will not be degraded

My love will bind

You will no longer be blind

You will find

Your brother

Be Bold my Dear

Let you Story be Told

So let go and be free

You will live in Victory

You will love one another

As I love you for eternity

The Lord is near to those who are discouraged; he saves those who have lost all hope. Psalm 34:18


Tears In A Cup

This poem is born from the time I was living in an abusive marriage.  I hated myself for fighting back.  Then someone told me, it was because you were living like a caged animal.  Through all of my life, there is always hope.  The rest of the poem comes from my heart from reading scriptures in the Bible.

Nights and fights
Tears and fears
Is there any hope
Where is the rope
Caged like an animal
Screaming inside to get out
There is hope if I look up
For he holds my tears in a cup
And pours them out to the light
And what do I see
A rainbow in the sky
Emeralds encircling his throne
Embracing me in beauty
Breaking the bars
I am free, free to be the new me.

And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby. A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne. Revelation 4:3


Be Bold

What do I hear?

What is that sound?

I want to know

Where can love be found?

Be a light

Shine bright

Don’t fear

I am here

Through the night

Everything will be alright

Better than before

Just knock on the door

You know my love is there

My love is everywhere

You want more

Open the door

Walk through now

I will show you how

Others are knocking

On your door

Don’t ignore

The longing in your heart

To start


With me

And we will win

You will see

I am the light shining bright

Through the  night

Through you

In all you do

In your breakthrough

That sound my child

Is my heartbeat for you

As your press your ear to me

You will see

Your purpose to be

What I created you to do

Before you were born

You were formed

So Be Bold

Let your story be told

I have Holy plans for you

To give you hope and a future

I have loved you all along

You belong with me

For eternity


Immediately coming out of the water, He saw the heavens opening, and the Spirt like a dove descending upon him. Matthew 3:16

Donna Marie describes herself as a daughter of the King, a Princess Warrior. She has overcome many trails in her life with the help of Jesus Christ. She lives in the Inland Pacific Northwest in Washington, USA with her husband, her rescue calico cat and her rescue husky mix puppy dog. Donna enjoys walking her dog, hiking, cycling, reading, snow skiing, and camping. Of course, she loves writing (with her cat nearby) and reading poetry. Stay tuned for her next book of poetry coming out soon entitled; “I am the Poem”.