The man in the poem epitomizes the terror of homelessness, he broke my heart.

Broken 1

Luke 10:33 A Samaritan on his journey saw a man in great distress; he went up to him and had compassion for him. The Samaritan went over to the injured man and bandaged up his wounds. Then putting him on his donkey he brought him to an inn, and took care of him.

Dancing man there in the street
Cold and wet, bare arms and feet
Freezing rain drenched in shame
The people walking by
Give no backward glance
They neither care nor see your tortured dance
Oh dancing man your pain is great
A mind lost, a ghost of a life
Crazy eyes staring not seeing
Oh dancing man the way you hop
From frozen foot to frozen foot
Never moving from your spot
Shaking and trembling forbidden to enter
Guarded out from the warm shopping mall
Dying alone out in the cold
With no one to hold
You bear the Marks of Jesus (Ref: Galatians 6:17)

Jennie: December 17th 2019