My Psalms


On this path I tread walking with the One who raised me from the dead.

Who made me a live with a virtue I could not attain.

My lighthouse in a sea of wickedness.

Salvaged me from my own depravity.

Changed my heart and gladdened me.

Now I see, looking to the Father through the Son.

Discovering who you are and who I am.

You won’t let me go too far to the left or to the right.

Faithful Father, safety in the Shepherd, the Holy Ghost guiding me.

I can’t fail when trusting you.

Your grace is enough.

You make my paths straight.

Lay aside every weight and journey with me says He.



(God’s April Fool)

O how quick you are to forgive.

O your mercy is so good it hurts me.

It makes me cry.

Why would you pity me and be so kind?

After all of my wrong you still abound your grace unto me.

You extend your hand of mercy and you pull me up time and time again.

Your mercy humbles me and sets me free.

It makes me want to be better and to bring you honor.

Your mercy endures forever.


Suicide Heart

I won’t protect myself as I have sought to draw near.

I know this will hurt, with a cry inside I approach apprehensively with this suicide heart.

Death is a process, and it has to come.

It will hurt.

I’ll do my best not to run as I cry “it hurts”.

But I love you and it’s the only way.

I need you and I don’t want to be alone.

I wonder why it went this way.

I know your way is better, though I don’t understand, and the pain strikes my deepest fiber.

You are the only one I truly have, thank you.

Thank you for your cross.

Thank you for my cross.

I won’t fear pain, but I will embrace it for your glory.

I will give you my pain as a free will offering.

May it sing to you as a sweet-smelling savor.

You are my savior.

May every bitter thing taste sweet as I trust in you.

Subdue and craft this vessel with the power of your hand.

Burn of the chaff with a fire unquenchable.

Keep me pressed to the path, the way that is perfect, your way.


(*Note suicide is referring to walking into things that are painful)