Rainbows in the night? Milky way, moon, cloud arc in New Zealand?


Written: Nov 7, 2017

I don’t know what is going on
It’s really puzzling me
You’d think there’s something very wrong
Stopping me be free

The part I like about this mess
That is especially new
Exploration of the flesh
But with a heavenly view

It was the Lord who got me up
I wanted much more sleep
He seems to want to fill my cup
His wishes I must keep

He’s got me in a special place
Where I find I’m rejoicing
Despite the knotty bind I face
Is this all His anointing

I ran the spec that would define
How I see where I am at
I wouldn’t use the word sublime
Yet that’s exactly that

Essentially I’m quite content
Almost it seems exuberant
Not sure where the worry went
While faced with the assailiant

The rational is very clear
My vow to not ask questions
For ninety days I must give ear
No regular intercessions

However I can ask one thing
Whenever I feel hopeless
I can ask for coaching
And then see all His Goodness

I wanted to sleep, to stay retired
T’was clearly off the table
Coach of the Universe I heard
Get up, I’m sure that you are able

When put this way how could I stay
So cosy warm and snuggled
So up I got to meet the day
His poetic love unbridled

So here we are exploring
The tension in the night
The day will soon be dawning
The Lord will put me right

I’m not sure where to go now
With this rhyme or reason
I sense the poem somehow
Has sprung a different scansion

Why so tense
No recompense
Just tied up in a knot
Dry rot

I can’t agree
To let you free
There is a price to pay
You pay

Who’s this
With your hiss
You have no rights over me
You see

I do
So shoo
Don’t waste my time
Not mine

No dice
The price
Was paid so long ago
So go

I hang my hat on that
Your chat

I defer
I prefer
My Coach and Heavenly Master
You defer

A fight
We’ll see who will conquer

My faith
I place in My Redeemer King
You sing … and BTW

I heard
The Last word
You lost on the Cross when Christ died for me
QED … Over to You Coach



Born in Scotland, lived in England, undeservedly married to Veronica, living in Canada. We have three daughters with wonderful families. An accountant by training, but a career mostly in Canada in varied business environments. After revelation about Our Triune God's Covenant and then retiring in 2014, I started writing poetry to try to understand the source of my childhood confusion and struggles since. The Lord's constant encouragement and love keeps drawing me to express my appreciation.