He walks into his studio, inspiration running wild,

Through his artistic vision, he decides to build a child,

Staring at the blank canvas, hhmmmm, “They will need a place to live”!

Hand holding strong onto the brush, His imagination breathing in.

“First I’ll give them light,” he says and paints a glorious sun,

“That’s a start,” he tells himself; creation has begun.

He separates the dark and light

And turns them into day and night,

Then makes the sky and seas and land,

All by the power of his mighty hand,

Then next, he creates vegetation,

Makes trees and plants in every nation,

Bearing leaves and fruits and seeds…

All kinds of things he knows we’ll need.

He makes the moon to light the dark,

He forms and names each starry spark,

Barely pausing now to catch a breath,

The Creator starts to plan what’s next

He steps back, admiring the beauty of what he’s made so far,

Touching up where it is needed, painting over mis-painted scars,

Now he wanders over to the pottery wheel and starts to mould his clay,

Creating empty shells of many creatures, bestowing souls into their frames.

Life begins to thrive in this new land, vast array of life running wild,

But still the Creator has yet to create his treasured Child.

Spinning the wheel once again, smoothing clay within his hands,

A Heavenly artist with a vision, turns his attention to creating man. …

The Creator stepped back to view his work, love bursting at what he sees

A child in His own image given a soul filled with life to live and breathe

Gently setting his child upon the Earth, bestowing mankind on their new land…

The Creator sets back happy with His creation… He puts his love and faith in his child…MAN!

A collaboration between Michael Grgich (MAG) & Suzanne Newman in 2020.



“Love this poem, and the whole idea of collaboration which is why God created us to fellowship with Our Creator and God with us, and of course among ourselves – it’s brilliant”, peterwill

Michael Grgich Founder in 2015 of FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE, a Facebook Poetry Group, and Suzanne Newman also an ‘Admin’ in the group since 2017, have collaborated in joint projects for a number of years. The have jointly published “Inspired By…” a poetic journey through some of the main points of the Bible, and additional poetic works. Here is a sample. See Published Works on our Resources page for more about their first book “Inspired By…”. We understand there is a second book in the works called “Kindred Spirits”