We are livin’ in the last days, the end times.

Christ is coming back, but it’s not a sequel.

He’s coming back to bring the wrath of God on those who practice evil.

So, turn, turn from your ways. Repent! Get saved!

Hear the gospel and obey.

Make today the day of salvation.

Jesus is patiently waiting.

He says to all of those who are weary “Come and I’ll give you rest”.

He came and died for you and rose again the third day.

He paid the price for you.

He said it is finished.

The debt is paid.

I’m here to speak of God’s greatness.

And the devil, he hates this.

Because he doesn’t want you to know the truth.

The truth of Christ and his sacrifice.

Surrender your life to him and see the mighty works he can do within.

He can take away that heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

One day we will all face death.

But death will have no sting for me because Christ the risen king has placed me in his victory.


Worthy is the Lamb

If you think you are worthless…

Worthy is the lamb who was slain to receive all honor and glory and power.

And he beckons come all ye sinners.

All ye sinners come.

Come and I will give you a new life, a new start.

I’ll take those hurts and pains and I’ll be your friend, if you’ll just let me in.

Jesus beckons come all ye sinners.

All ye sinners come.

Come and I will give you a new life, a new start.

Get the love of God shed abroad in your heart.

Be a part of something greater.

Get to know your creator.

If you hear my voice, he’s looking to separate ya from the ways of the world and the grip of the enemy of your soul.

So, if you think no one understands you and you’re all alone.

God’s there for you.

His Son he did not spare for you.

Call on him. He cares for you.

And this is the gospel that I declare to you:

That Jesus came and died for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day so that you could be saved.

Jesus beckons come all ye people. All ye people come!



Time is fleeting.

The clock is eating away your life.

It is appointed a man once to die.

You will exist after the grave.

Don’t be distracted with the lusts that are passing away.

Be wise, learn to number your days.

You are not promised tomorrow.

Do not enter into eternity filled with sorrow.

Don’t get caught in vanity’s haze.

Redeem the time, number your days.

Because it is appointed a man once to die and after this the judgment.



Is truth exclusive?

Does the truth seek you or do you seek it?

Is truth subjective?

Is it your truth or my truth that is right?

The truth stands out in the light, but it is not always easy to find.

The truth sounds absurd in a world of lies.

The truth is a treasure, better than any temporal pleasure.

The truth is to be yearned for.

The journey to the truth is worth the hardship.

The truth invites your wonder and contemplation.

The truth does not change, nor wander.

The truth is that you need the Truth, or the lie will eat the morsel of life.



There is a reason your mother gave you birth.

There is a purpose for existence on this place called earth.

God knew you before you were born.

And he’s patiently waiting for you to come into his everlasting arms.

Ready to forgive.

Ready to give his spirit that you may live.


Born Again

Born again, born again.
An experience that I didn’t know could have been.
Traversing through this life burdened with dreary bleakness, until the oh so needed light of Christ shined on this pitiful man. For when I was still without strength Christ died for me, the ungodly. He bore my sins in his body. He quickened this hopeless man with a touch of his love. Now I have my eyes fixed above, living for his heart because he changed mine. The kindness of the Savior to have mercy on me. What a find! So undeserved. How could this have happened to me? Freed by the Son, my soul won. Will you accept the offer given? Will you be born again, be born again?