Bring me to Him

Tell me about Him 

I’m desperately in need of knowing Him

I was told that He’s everywhere

That He knows my beginning and my end.

I’m sure He sees the shackles around me.

My hands are tied.

My spirit wanders, searching for the truth.

Where is He.

The Lord of Elijah.

My soul is down.

Your word divides rightly between

It’s double edged.

I have a table

It’s not with me

It’s in the presence of my enemies.

I did not put it there.

The Lord did.

He will take me to it.

The Lord will.

The devil may try to keep me away from my table.

But once the Lord stretches His arm to give me, who can push it back.

Don’t be deceived, the Lord is never mocked

Jabongi Micheal was born in 1989 and grew up in a Kampala slum called Kamwokya in Uganda, a place where most of the children couldn't afford education and most of his age mates became law breakers and girls at an early age resorted to prostitution. He went on to study in a public school and completed high school but his parents couldn't afford to pay for him to go to university. In 2013, he was one of the founders of Oasis of Life Destiny Church in a slum called Namuwongo. In 2015 he did a Certificate in Bible teaching at Doers Of The Word Bible Institute. He got a degree at Gate Breakers Bible School and in 2021 went on to pastor at Global Evangelical Community Church. He has a passion for teaching writing but is challenged with the level of illiteracy in the community where he lives. A lot of parents can't afford to pay school fees for their children and more can't afford a meal a day. He strongly believes that in the near future he will help them go to school and start up orphanages and elderly homes. His passion for the Word has guided him to write scripts, plays and poems.