My name is Emmanuel, I stopped school because of financial difficulties in my family. At a very young age (14yrs), I started working as a labourer to help in supporting and providing for my family’s financial needs.

But in November 2022, I realized I have a talent that could inspire the world … that talent is ‘Drawing”

I started developing that talent drawing portraits for people, and one day, maybe by revelation, I understood that “the love of beauty is taste, but the creation of beauty is art“.

I decided to start creating my own original works. I started to create amazing works, touching my life and lifting Souls even without making profit.

But now am facing a big challenge. I am having financial challenges that are limiting from inspiring more people with my drawing talent. Meeting the basic basic living needs keeps me from drawing and inspiring people in other related ways.

My goal as an artist is to heal and inspire many Souls out there with my art creations and to open a touring museum and art school where many artists, art lovers, students can be taught and inspired.

If you are reading this on Red Thread Poets, and you choose to commission me – you can contact me easily through my Facebook page.


Note from Peter Will Stevens:

Red Thread Poets is partnering with Ebuka and have set up a gofundme program for him, to assist launching his business E.E. Art. and being a means for the funds raised to be transferred to him (no fees charged by Red Thread Poets). Here is the link: https://gf.me/u/5gmbvb

NOTE: gofundme do not serve Nigeria directly , but willingly allow assistance being given through someone in a country they operate from.

January 2024.

I was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria (Anambra State) in the family of Nwafor Joseph. Studied at Community High School Nnewi, and by age 19 have finished secondary education. My career interest is in business, but I love arts and always want to improve more in my art works. I'm an experienced pencil artist. I draw nature, flowers, animals and portraits for people (individual, family, groups, company, etc). With my pencils and paper, I also draw/bring any kinds of imagination, dreams or thoughts of peoples mind into reality. I have not published as yet but I love to receive commissions through my Facebook page. The Published Works page under Resources provides further information, Item “12 Ebuka Creations”