Silence outside,
Daylight still waking,
Am lying awake
At the edge of dawn.

Morning comes our way,
Darkness fades away,
Sunlight rising out of black stillness,
Thus yesterday becomes a memory.

Always in a rush; early morning riser,
Raindrops upon roofs,
Leaves coloured in arched greeny,
Thus signified beauty and courage.

Sunlight drifts across trees,
Birds chirrping greetings to sunbeams,
Morning dews shines like diamonds,
Thus represents life and living.

To view a morning sky,
Multi coloured bands stretched across the sky,
Fogs blur the atmosphere,
Thus brought warmness to every fainting soul.

I was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria (Anambra State) in the family of Nwafor Joseph. Studied at Community High School Nnewi, and by age 19 have finished secondary education. My career interest is in business, but I love arts and always want to improve more in my art works. I'm an experienced pencil artist. I draw nature, flowers, animals and portraits for people (individual, family, groups, company, etc). With my pencils and paper, I also draw/bring any kinds of imagination, dreams or thoughts of peoples mind into reality. I have not published as yet but I love to receive commissions through my Facebook page. The Published Works page under Resources provides further information, Item “12 Ebuka Creations”