Haven't done it ... would in a powder minute


Taking a risk? … believing the Word of God and acting upon it, no matter how any part of me feels, because God promises a good result.

Aug 9, 2018

I can’t choose to trust
Nor choose to never fear
But I can always choose to risk
As I can plump for prayer

Key to learning trust
Choose to take a risk
Essential path to intimacy
And Our God’s Mighty Fisc1

1Fisc: a state or royal treasury

Jun 19, 2020 4:46 am 

You are doing it again Lord
Bringing me in, engaging me 
When I thought I’d rather be sleeping
I was wrong

I have this excitement 
Being with You
Despite the hour, the short sleep

You make me a party to watching 
Watching Your Word
Unfold like creation
Take on new meanings

Like risk 
Now I see what is in me of You

Imagine turning that void
Into variegated song birds
Forty thousand spider brands
Dinosaurs and hump back whales
One cell nano Wankel miracles

Imagine Your imagination
At the blank slate stage
Abuzz with possibilities
And then stepping out 
Like Peter across the water
But never sinking – not a glimmer

Imagine sickness but never sick
Imagine sin but always righteous
Imaging Your creation failing You
Infinite risk but counterbalancing
Infinite faith the ultimate of knowing

All the living independent worlds:

The bumble bee, the woodpecker
The buzz of impossible flight
That hammering and shock absorbing
Startling miniature worlds
Looking out at us humans with
An understanding of us we can’t
Come close to mimicking or knowing

And, You do this with such affection
Abundant risk yet none at all

And the audacity to call us up
To walk with You as You pull us
To walk with You and catch a glimpse
Of Your creative genius

To imagine no sickness from moment 
to moment of aging mind bending 
decrepitation of our adamic identity

The risk You took upon the tree
Yet no risk at all, except except
of losing some who would not play
Imagine the agony of that
The bumble bee who wouldn’t

Not couldn’t, but really rudely wouldn’t

And so I sit in my deck chair
With two and a bit hours sleep
As You pull me ever closer
Showing me how this accountant
loves the risk side of faith
Which with faith in You is no risk at all

But the most audacious adventure
With The One Who Created It All

How can I Thank You, Praise You enough
I can’t lose by obeying
Obeying Your call to go higher
To not be sick, to not fall into temptation

To risk being holy and righteous in your arms 
To fellowship as we adventure together
Across every age, realm, timeline
and dimension on both sides of Your veil

Such peace in this place with You
Thank You for interrupting my
supposedly needed sleep,
to be with You my Lord 

5:28 am 

After-note: back in bed – cosy?
And yet this hang-nail really bothers me!
5:36 am 
And I got up again for this?

And I stayed up (of course)

In my head I am hearing this:
Creation Calls by Brian Doerksen1

(Verse 1)
I have felt the wind blow
Whispering Your Name
I have seen Your tears fall
When I watch the rain

(Chorus 1)
And how could I say there is no God
When all around creation calls
A singing bird, a mighty tree
The vast expanse of open sea

(Verse 2)
Gazing at a bird in flight
Soaring through the air
Lying down beneath the stars
I feel Your presence there

(Chorus 2)
I love to stand at ocean’s shore
And feel the thundering breakers roar
To walk through golden fields of grain
‘Neath endless blue horizon’s frame

(Verse 3)
Listening to a river run
Watering the earth
Fragrance of a rose in bloom
A newborn’s cry at birth

I believe, I believe, I believe

1(C) 1994 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing and Vineyard Songs (Canada) Adm by Music Services o/b/o Mercy/Vineyard Publishing in North America/ASCAP


For we live by faith, not by sight. II Cor 5:7 NIV

Born in Scotland, lived in England, undeservedly married to Veronica, living in Canada. We have three daughters with wonderful families. An accountant by training, but a career mostly in Canada in varied business environments. After revelation about Our Triune God's Covenant and then retiring in 2014, I started writing poetry to try to understand the source of my childhood confusion and struggles since. The Lord's constant encouragement and love keeps drawing me to express my appreciation.