False doctrine spreading in the bloodstreams of people,
looking to believe in anything…..
Just a form of the truth burning down villages
massacring children, desecrating marriages,
dying like fruit that fell from the tree.

We’re in a ”feel good” society, with really good imposters
disguised as ministers, disguised as sheep,
but are worse than wolves that are rabid.
The Word regarded as an instrument of influence
instead of life everlasting,
so respect for the privilege of being chosen by God
means nothing.

Teachers who have never been students
abuse the gift they have been given…
someone else blindly trusts in them,
unaware they are not being instructed from Scripture.
Blindly leading the blind into a pit,
giving the enemy a place to rest instead of resisting him.

There’s no accountability, no correction….
Sadly watching the thirsty misled into drinking poison
like it’s the water of life, trying to show them otherwise,
but some people are content with a little darkness
sprinkled around light.

I pray, hoping the truth frees them so they’d receive the Word
with an open heart instead of a matter of opinion,
because disaster awaits them that tamper with the Word.

Marshall Jones is a 40 year old man on a lifelong journey of bearing fruit for the Kingdom of God. The author of "A Raven's Meal" (RoseDog Books), a poetry collection, he aspires to target the grey areas, and the people who are terribly misunderstood by society. Believing that everyone deserves a voice, he not only shares his testimony, but he also tries to use his gifting to share other people's experiences as well. He writes from the prison system that has housed his body for 18 years, but also from the place that has been the catalyst to his freedom. Click on the YouTube Link below for his Book. or go to https://www.redthreadpoets.com/published-works/