Give love to those that live without it

Bring friendship to those who are lonely

Give hope to those who are hopeless

Bring Peace to the hearts that are so very weary


Show Faith for those who are in search of it

Give honesty for those who have been lied to

Share your wisdom with those who have suffered from life’s lessons

Show Understanding to those who are in doubt


Find a path for those who are lost and cannot find their way

Bring light for those depressed and sadly live-in darkness

Give strength to those who struggle and have weakened

Bring a smile to those faces who wear their sadness


Explain to those who are truly looking for an answer

Listen to those who need to have their stories told

Pray for those who need your Prayers the most

Together let’s Prayer to the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost

The Depressed Poet comes from many years of suffering from Depression. While in the hospital for this a doctor suggested that I try my hand at poetry and that is where life changed for me. I wrote about things I never really thought of before like God, Jesus, Heaven and so on. I do not consider myself a great or good writer because, I am not. What I am is a man, who stumbles through his words, so he can make it through his days. I also host a podcast called, The Coffee and Prayer Series.