Glimpses of His Glory

I just wanted to tell my story

Will anybody listen to me?

Why can’t they see?

All I want to do

Is tell them about you

That is my testimony

Yes, once I was lonely

Looking for love in all the wrong places

But even there I found where your grace is

I went from worse to worse

I was living under a curse

Then one day

 I found my way

Now I long to live my life

Not in strife

But from glory to glory

Yes, I want to tell my story

Will anyone listen to me

Why can’t they see

All I want to do

Is tell the about you

About your Love for us all

Can’t you hear His call?

In the Ocean’s roar

His Love I will not ignore

In glimpses of is Glory

I will tell my story

Donna Marie is an author and poet. She has triumphed over many trials in her life including disease, abuse and divorce. She now lives in Northern California, with her husband, her rescue calico cat and her rescue husky mix puppy dog. Donna enjoys walking her dog, hiking, cycling, reading, camping and writing. Donna describes herself as a daughter of the King, a Princess warrior in Christ.