The sky is dark, a veil rent asunder,
Our Teacher hangs lifeless on a gibbet;
All hopes dashed, and we begin to wonder-
Where’s atonement, the ram in the thicket?

For here we are, observing from below,
Our Brother hangs between heaven and earth;
Why God has forsaken, we fail to know,
And why this death? O Mary, why this birth?

Thank you, God, for denying us insight-
We could not handle such information;
We grope in darkness, fearing only light,
Our joy is gone, our life, and our station.

Light of the world, a city on a hill;
We mourn this night our King, Messiah still.

A sinner saved by grace. I live in Boise, Idaho, USA where I mow lawns, run a nonprofit, and write poetry.