He talks to me

He talks to me in poetry,

He gives me words to speak.

Often when I’m wide-awake,

but also in my sleep.

You may think I sound pathetic,

Words of beauty so poetic.

Then at times they’re quite prophetic.

Always with a heartfelt message.

That message is for you to hear

That message is simple, always clear.

Like do not fear.


He talks to me at the strangest times,

Nearly always in words that rhyme.

He gave me a mouth to speak without fuss

And two ears to listen, twice as much.

Yes, listen, something we all can do.

So why don’t you?

If it was anyone else talking to you,

You would listen wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t



So, why don’t you listen to Him?

Words lost upon a whim.

Too many distractions, broken attractions,

Listen a fraction, dissatisfaction.

Every action has a reaction.

Come now listen to Him.

Somehow vision the win.

His words will set your tongue on fire

Don’t be blinded by the liar.

Tell me your desire? You want to be


Listen be-a-trier. Time to choose the fire.

Set your tongue on fire.

Instead you’re the denier.

Foolish dissatisfier,

Lost within the mire,

He is now the crier.


To ignore that loving voice,

it really is your choice.

But every action has a reaction,

consequences we must face.

His love was shown in action,

to recompense the human race.

Now He talks to me, He talks to you too,

but you? Don’t have a clue, do you?

Don’t listen with your ears,

your heart you must use.

No longer be confused.

Just let Him in and you will win,

no longer you refuse.

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On the sixth day, God created mankind in his own image, therefore, he created creators! I have been creating for my entire life. Like many small children, I used to create and live out my own fantasies in play (often quite constructive and ingenious). Creativity has filled every corner of my working life, firstly in engineering, then construction, before settling into charity development and youth work. As a youth worker, I used creativity every day, but especially in helping to shape and form the lives of young people. It reminds me that God is the Potter, and he moulds and forms us all, just like clay (Isaiah 64:8). Now, in my latter years, I have returned to the storytelling of my youth, and I love to use all the skills and tools I have gained on my journey of life. I have over 40 years of experience in business and charity development, mainly in in three areas, income generation, communication, and governance. Though I do still offer advice in these areas, my passion is in communication and to communicate creatively and artistically in as many ways possible, but especially in poetry. The Book of Psalms in Rhyme, is perhaps the most exciting writing project that I have every been involved in and it is scheduled to be published in August 31 2021. As I started listening to God and working on this project, I felt God saying to me, "Everything else that you have done before now, was in preparation for this". All 150 of the Psalms were written to be sung out loud and that really is the best way to read this book, out loud. This rhyming translation I have written is accurate and extremely easy to read. A sample of them is presented here.