How can I speak from a place of suffering
when words disquiet me further?
How can a glimmer of hope become pronounced enough
to rebuff the dust cloud of pressure?
Should I consider the damaging effects of pondering by the water’s edge
when my attacker waits beneath the surface,
and what sense does reflecting upon my reflection make, becoming a Narcissus,
attracted so much to my own predicament that it threatens my appearance?

Many questions tumble in my saturated brain,
beating me into an afterthought,
relieving me of every ambition.
Difficult to see in the midst of darkness,
darkness I extended an invitation,
its ”plus one” is depression, something I discounted.

Planted seeds of desperation and only got weeds,
pondering its rate of increase, sauntering in the halls of despair
connecting to the gruesome image of hopelessness,
expecting a reprieve.
I live to relieve myself of this plundering of my thoughts,
this moment in time pressing into my lungs,
affecting the way I breathe.

I’m better than this…….
Created in the image of God,
buried in the likeness of Christ’s death,
risen together with Christ in resurrection……

How can I be defeated when I can do all things
through Christ who gives me strength?
How can I be downtrodden when I have God in Christ
always causing me to be triumphant?
Should I feel discouraged when the Word of God promised
He would never leave me comfortless,
and what sense does reflecting upon my reflection make
when the water’s edge represents judgement?

The tears pooling have pronounced that healing waters
have broken the curse forever……
I’m free to be me again!


Marshall Jones is a 40 year old man on a lifelong journey of bearing fruit for the Kingdom of God. The author of "A Raven's Meal" (RoseDog Books), a poetry collection, he aspires to target the grey areas, and the people who are terribly misunderstood by society. Believing that everyone deserves a voice, he not only shares his testimony, but he also tries to use his gifting to share other people's experiences as well. He writes from the prison system that has housed his body for 18 years, but also from the place that has been the catalyst to his freedom. Click on the YouTube Link below for his Book. or go to https://www.redthreadpoets.com/published-works/