i am

i am enjoying this dream they call life

slight spurts of nostalgia from a time that never existed but came popping through my window pane
a fleeting spurt or resonating impasturising form and farms of weightless mass

to reproduce picture/sight you capture light/waves by the medium of a camera
to reproduce sound/hearing you capture beat/waves by the medium of a microphone
it’s substance is not judged by the content/image but by the impact/interperetation

…being universally objective,
blatant truth + blatant fun – the new philosophy falls into place + spins into perfect order

…….reflecting upon nothing


Daniel Van Leeuwen is an obscure individual who is desperately in love with Jesus. Born in Sydney, he is a dreamer who's primary aspiration is to die and be with his Creator. Daniel's flaws are many, but then again so are his passions.