Incurvatus in se

Incurvatus in se, turning inward

Rather than outward, looking for a gift;

Speaking, rather than looking for a word,

Pernicious tendency, this selfish drift.


Such introspection leaves all hope behind,

Pursuing me, sacrificing all else;

Unsurprising was all, I came to find,

This humdrum path of discovering self.


The answer lies outward, over, above,

Where every other man is my better;

This wondrous world just waiting to be loved-

As am I, this highly-beloved debtor.


This inner self cannot cease offending,

But this world, this gift, this life unending.

Comment from Jennie Starling:

You see Doug for me it is to take out only what Almighty God has grown within us. Yes, there is information and learning ‘out there’, but this must be distilled within, and this should only be done under the guidance of The Holy Spirit.
Then it is safe to put it out there, even if it is radical and/or complex. Let him who has ears hear, and him who has eyes to see, see.

A sinner saved by grace. I live in Boise, Idaho, USA where I mow lawns, run a nonprofit, and write poetry.