Replacing the Tabernacle colours photograph. It is July 1st 2021 here in Canada. Most in the country are forsaking fireworks celebrations on this national holiday and marching in orange, or quietly grieving for the lost indigenous children previously hidden in Residential School graves. We have orange day lilies in our garden - here is a glorious picture - please pray for full restitution of the grievous ills perpetrated on First Nation peoples.


Written Jul 12, 2018

i can never be
original indigenous

i can only be
a colonist
a migrant or an immigrant

in Scotland
i was a foreigner
even perhaps a colonist

in England
never native
though maybe allochthonous2

in Canada
i am an immigrant
or maybe i’m a colonist

it’s not clear
the type of box i’m in,
the label i should wear

but there are people here
who really are indigenous
original autochthonous

and i long for that day
when The Gavel comes down
when The Creator God speaks

when His Spirit rules
and His Justice meted out
honouring autochthonous.

The difference between autochthonous and allochthonous:
Autochthonous – native to the place where found; indigenous.
Allochthonous – originating in a place other than where it is found.

For a deeper dive and pronounciation:

1Au-toch-tho-nous: definition and pronounciation
adjective: autochthonous
(of an inhabitant of a place) indigenous rather than descended from migrants or colonists.

2Al-loch-tho-nous: definition and pronounciation
adjective GEOLOGY
adjective: allochthonous
denoting sediment or rock that originated at a distance from its present position.
Stonehenge is allochthonous


July 17, 2020

maybe i can
take a liberty
and redefine a mystery

and liberty
it’s all about
and you will see the roundabout

how peoples
from all Africa
were sold into another life

and that it’s
so atrocious
so i’ll honour them as allochthonous

i wrote about
tho i prefer autochthonous

and how
in the past so long ago
when small i considered myself allochthonous

the reason
that i make this claim
is sturdy not superfluous

since peter
is my given name
and that’s a rock that has some fame

so i’am inclined
to make a claim
and relook at that word again

turns out to be
when defined in the geology

‘a rock
originated (transition?)
at a distance from it’s present position’

every African
that i have known
has such a rock inside that’s shown

they’re made
of special something
and by that I mean there’s no dumb thing

I note that
rocks and Cornerstones
have such exciting overtones

and like a bride
we’re being groomed
just for The Groom and being bloomed

and so
as with this instance
that we’ve come such a long distance

like the
rocks hauled to Stonehenge
who’ve stood so strong, without revenge

we’re looking
for a freedom and for earth becoming eden

and God’s
Certificate of Freedom
that is NOTHING like this earthly fiefdom

so let’s
all band together
and let’s call ourselves allochthonous

and as we
narrow down the distance
‘tween ourselves and New Existence

as we
worship dance and sing
and pay homage to Our King

as rocks
the living stones that He doth own
we together move towards The Cornerstone



Inspired by Arthur Burk, Sapphire Leadership Group, LLC about Our  Father God bringing justice, and by Helen Knott speaking truth in her book; In My Own Moccasins – A Memoir of Resilience.

See YouTube Link below: Council of Fire with The RiverWinds  – Honoured Guest Interview:  Dr Qaumaniq Suuqiina “Timimg is Everything” Newe Podcast Teaching.  THIS IS A BLESSED BLESSED INTERCHANGE.. Dr Qaumaniq is a Certified Expressive Arts Therapist, Pastoral Counselor, and Addictions Counselor for over 30 years Dr. Qauminic has helped people who are stuck in a rut, get out and move on with their lives. Life can be a struggle, and it can also be beautiful amid challenges. Come hear the wisdom and stories of this incredible Elder at Council Fire with The RiverWinds, as they honour The Creator, Yeshua, building bridges, loving your neighbour as yourself and including an incredible welcome and meeting of hearts by the Jews in the Knesset, the unicamera legislature of Israel

Born in Scotland, lived in England, undeservedly married to Veronica, living in Canada. We have three daughters with wonderful families. An accountant by training, but a career mostly in Canada in varied business environments. After revelation about Our Triune God's Covenant and then retiring in 2014, I started writing poetry to try to understand the source of my childhood confusion and struggles since. The Lord's constant encouragement and love keeps drawing me to express my appreciation.