I have a word for someone who lost their innocence as a child. God wants to restore childlike innocence and joy in your life in this season. He will use things that you didn’t notice as a child. Things your mind was too corrupted to even see or appreciate. He is in the process of restoring color, rainbows, baby animals, beautiful flowers, beauty that you could never see because your world became dark and clouded and you became colorblind. Let Him restore your childlikeness in this season in whatever way He chooses. You must become like a little child to receive the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. It wasn’t your fault, you grew up at a young age and your world became tainted. God wants to make you like a child again. Embrace this beautiful journey no matter who understands it and no matter what age you are. As the world works hard at corrupting innocence, let Him restore all that has been stolen. ?☀️???

My name is Michelle King. I am a healing and deliverance minister, evangelist, teacher and preacher. I am a minister of freedom, healing, hope and truth. I live in Ohio. My desire is to set the captives at Liberty. I have been a minister since 2012 when God first called me to lead and train a bunch of military wives for battle. Now, He has entrusted me to train the Army Bride for spiritual war. For Michelle's Resources go to our Pursuit Of God page at this link: