And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. Isaiah 59:14 KJV


But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. Amos 5:24 KJV

Quoted by Dr Martin Luther King in his ‘I have a dream’ speech on August 28, 1963


So many emotions bottled up inside

Where can I go to hide

Is there anyone on my side

Where do I find hope

How do I cope

What can I say

This is my day

To Pray

First my dream seemed to die

Or was that a lie

Then we had to shelter in place

With a mask on our face

Lost my dog along the way

Why couldn’t he stay

George Floyd my brother

Cried out for his mother

Where can justice be found

Do we have to take everyone down

Why do we all disagree

When will there ever be peace

Then I thought I was following another dream

Sometimes all is not what it seems

So what do I do now

Somebody show me how

To grab hold of my dreams again

Where do I begin

On my knees I pray

Lord help me to find my way

Let me be an instrument of your peace

Your love I want to release

I will let my hope uncurl

For you have overcome the world

For you have great plans I want to see

Plans to prosper me and not to harm me

Plans to give me a hope and a future

Our hearts you will suture

So now I cry out

With a shout

I give thanks to You

Let your Light and Love Shine through

Your Justice Ring True

For I Love You



I wrote this poem around the time of George Floyd’s murder.


What do you see

Did you dream

Like me


Of standing on the mountain top

Where His love will never stop

Longing to go to the beach

Is the dream out of reach


Toes in the sand

This is how I stand

Against the slaughter

Until Justice Rolls Down Like Waters

Righteousness like an overflowing stream


This is my dream

That the oppressed will be free

As we witness history

In the making

There is a shaking

More than survival

A revival

We will sing

Glory to the King

Can you hear, are you listening

The sound of many waters roar

As we stand on His shores

Overlooking the crystal sea

No more brutality

My dream becomes reality


Until then I stand in peace

My love I release

My light I will shine

So we can find

The Way the Truth and the Life

No longer living in strife

When we will indeed be free

Living in serenity

Now and for eternity


Donna Marie

Lady of the Sea

Donna Marie describes herself as a daughter of the King, a Princess Warrior. She has overcome many trails in her life with the help of Jesus Christ. She lives in the Inland Pacific Northwest in Washington, USA with her husband, her rescue calico cat and her rescue husky mix puppy dog. Donna enjoys walking her dog, hiking, cycling, reading, snow skiing, and camping. Of course, she loves writing (with her cat nearby) and reading poetry. Stay tuned for her next book of poetry coming out soon entitled; “I am the Poem”.