By Suzanne Newman and Michael Grgich (MAG) Nov ‘22 (verse copyright 2022, but we don’t own the rights to the picture)


Collaboration by Michael Grgich (MAG) and Suzanne Newman Nov 2022.

*trigger warning for certain topics some may find upsetting, plus it’s a long piece!*

What would we do if we could hear the prayers that children pray?
Would we strive to be different? Would we improve the world today?
Would we lead by good example? Would our priorities be rearranged?
Would we finally stop polluting? Would we curb the damage of climate change?
Would we start to love each other? Would we listen to what God says?
Would we learn to live in harmony? Think more ‘Jesus like’ in every way?
If we all did this together, I think the world might not go so astray,
So, will you join in with me, praying child-like to The Lord today?

Jesus, I don’t know you…I am Timothy…we’ve never met,
But I go to church each Sunday with my mom, and dad, and cousin Chet,
I learnt you died, and so I cried…why did you have to die?
Mom and dad told me it’s a good thing, and I should still love you inside.
I’m sure it hurt when the soldiers hit you…if it was me, I would have cried,
But the teacher told me you did this so that everyone else could be alright.
I love you Jesus…thank you… sorry you died, and I’ll try not to cry,
Because I also learned that you beat death and now you are alive!

Dear God, hello, it’s Kathy here, I’m sorry to bother you,
I know you’re very busy, but I’m sad and don’t know what to do,
I miss my brother Harry…he died when he fell off his motorbike,
I try to be smiley for mom and dad, but cry myself to sleep at night.
The only thing that makes me happy, is knowing Harry’s safe with you,
And I’m sure he won’t be lonely, coz my Granny’s up in Heaven too.
Please hug me when I cry, God, help me feel that things will be okay,
I know that Jesus died too, so you understand my pain today.

Hi God, I am Roberto…but I guess you already know it’s me!
I’m praying coz I’m asking if you’d look after old Grandpa Giuseppe?
He’s muddled and confused, Lord…mummy says he has a poorly brain,
And he didn’t recognise us when we went to visit him today.
He doesn’t joke with me these days, and doesn’t even know his name,
But mummy says YOU know him still and love and care for him the same.
So, thank you God, for keeping Grandpa close, and please hold his hand tight,
And please keep bad thoughts and dreams far away from him in bed tonight.

Dear Lord, I’m sorry…I’ve been bad today and I know you call that “sin”,
But in Sunday school we have been taught that Jesus forgives everything,
So, I hope you hear my prayer, Lord…oh, it’s Angela here, I’m only eleven,
But want you to think good of me as I really want to get to Heaven.
Nanna says “Don’t worry” for you love me and you understand,
And all of us do naughty things sometimes, even my mom and dad!
So, thank you God for not staying cross when we do wrong and upset you,
And thank you, Jesus, for loving us, and please know that I love you too.

Almighty God, Nikita here, please help me to be strong and brave,
For we have got to leave our home and live with family far away,
The tanks and bombs are scary since the Russians came to start a war,
Now Ukraine’s not a safe place and my school and shops are here no more.
We have to pack a few things…just what we can carry on the train,
We’re moving now to Poland, but my dad and uncle have to stay
To fight the nasty soldiers, and I’ll miss them and I’ll miss my friends,
At least I have a friend in YOU, and I know that your grace has no end.

Lord, it’s Mathew, and I cannot lie…I’m losing faith in you tonight,
I’m only thirteen and live a life, where I must keep our house upright,
Mom is never home, and when she is, is usually out cold on the floor,
It’s up to me to feed my young brother Joesph, tuck him into bed and lock the door.
Why doesn’t mother love us? For she tells us to love each other to honour you,
But treats us both like burdens, and her own life like it is through.
I am not complaining Lord, just asking for your grace,
To help a young boy to be strong enough to show Joseph that your world is a special place.

Lord, Sophia here, I’m miserable, angry…hurt…life’s ripping at the seams,
Every time I am at school and “The Popular” girls target and bully me.
Why…Because I’m not pretty? Because I’m smart? Because I’m not like them? Lord, I wouldn’t want to be, I do not hate the same as them.
But it comes home from school with me…all of the hurt, the pain, the shame, That’s why I sit here with you and my Bible, praying in Jesus’s name.
For HIS love will ease my suffering, tend my wounds and ease the burn,
Through you I learn to love myself, and to love all others in return.

God? Jesus? I don’t know just where and how I’m supposed to pray,
I’m tired of this dark gang life, but it’s always been this way,
Caesar here, dear Lord, been on the streets since I have breathed in air,
Been fighting, lying, car-jacking, owned this bad world without a care.
But the bullets are flying faster now, and getting harder to weave around,
I need something to fill this hole in me, that through true tragedy I have found.
So, I want to trade this street blood, for living water, coz my soul feels lost,
I hope you will accept me, Lord, for I’m on my knees, cowering at your cross.

Dear Holy Father, it’s Jonathon, and I’m feeling rather sad,
Because everyone at school says that my clothes are lame and I smell bad,
It’s not my fault, it’s coz we’re poor, and can’t afford most toiletries,
New outfits, or to eat right, and we use the food bank every Wednesday.
The Bible says we shouldn’t covet…but Lord it’s so hard not to do,
Please help me understand your ways and help me to feel not so blue.
Help me to do well at school, so then when I do graduate,
I’ll get a well-paid job so then MY kids won’t know this poverty state.

Hello Lord…it’s Kofi here…I don’t know what to do about this –
I’m made to do all kinds of wrong to fit in with the other kids.
I know you see me shoplift, Lord, and bully money from younger girls,
I feel bad, but I need some friends…oh, my head hurts where it’s in a whirl.
I know you tell us not to steal, and treat others with kindness and care,
But I find it difficult to say no when the older kids give me a dare.
I feel unhappy inside, Lord, please guide me, show me what to do,
Coz though I’m scared of losing friends, I’m much more scared of losing you.

Athena here, Dear Father God…I know you’re busy with the world,
I know I don’t know much yet, for I’m only a ten-year-old young girl,
But I know my Auntie’s not well…she has cancer – a big lump in her brain,
I don’t know any more than this, but she’s very poorly mummy says.
Auntie’s in the hospital, and ‘though it seems a real nice place,
She’s feeling very upset, Lord…please touch her with your love and grace.
I think she’s cross with you, Lord, for she doesn’t understand this pain,
Please make her better, coz I think it’ll make her love you once again.

Dear God, I’m so excited! Elona here and I think that I might burst!
For mummy’s had the baby…just what I wanted, it’s another girl!
Her skin is soft and squidgy, and I love her tiny ears and nose,
She wriggles and she squeaks cute and has lovely little wrinkly toes!
I can’t wait when she’s older, so then we can both play and run around,
Walk to big school together and go on the swings and slide at the park’s playground.
So, I wanted to just thank you, God, for making my sister so perfectly,
And thank you too that mum’s ok and thank you for making us so happy.

Dear Lord, it’s Benjamin here again…I’m worried about the planet,
The plastic in the oceans and coral reefs destroyed by fishing-nets,
The nasty smoke that pours out from the factories’ giant chimneys,
The forests that are cut down and ice-sheets that melt into the sea.
I see the animals suffer, Lord, the animals and plants that YOU made,
All the leaders seem to do is talk…there’s no action and so nothing’s saved.
Lord, please help humans to respect the world you lend us that you own,
And show us how to treat it proper, and make this planet a harmonious home.

God…please tell me why there’s fighting, why is there bombs and tanks and war?
Coz I don’t understand when there’s no love and what we’re fighting for.
Why don’t we all love each other, as The Bible says we should?
Why can’t we all just get along? Then I think the world could be quite good.
It’s ok if we’re different to each other, but, Lord, why can’t we share?
Why do men with guns just take things? Why are they horrid and don’t seem to care?
Is it because they don’t know you? They have no Shepherd’s voice to guide and lead?
I can do nothing, Lord…I’m too young…but I’ve faith in you…your child, Rasheed.

What does Heaven look like, God? It’s Lucy here…I’d like to know,
Are there soft clouds like marshmallows? Are there waterfalls and pretty rainbows?
Is my old hamster up there, God? I hope so, for loved her lots,
I sure hope our old cat is there…you know the ginger one called ‘Floss’?
I wonder if there’s lollipops in Heaven, for I do like those!
I wonder if we fly about with big wings, wearing long, white clothes.
I know I’ll find out one day, God, coz I love you and know you love me,
Coz I believe in Jesus, and have faith in what He did at Calvary.

Lord, it’s Meghan, sorry I’m crying, can you still understand me?
I don’t know what I did my Lord, but seems I’m breaking my family,
When I’m with them mommy and daddy are both always very sweet to me,
But when I go to my room to play, all I can do is hear them screaming.
God, I don’t know what they are so mad about, they must be fighting about me,
Maybe I don’t listen enough, work hard enough, or love them enough maybe?
I wish I could be better Lord, that’s why I’m praying to you on my knees,
So you make me a better little girl for them, so mommy and daddy stop fighting because of me.

Dear Lord, I know it’s very late, and I should really be asleep,
But I’m having lots of nightmares, and I’m scared because the shadows creep,
It’s Monique here and I don’t really want to go and wake my parents,
But am feeling rather upset and my sleepy thoughts aren’t making sense.
I’m sorry, Lord, to bother you, ‘though Grand-Mere says you never sleep,
So I know you are awake to hear me – please dry the frightened tears I weep.
If you would come and sit with me, the dark won’t scare me anymore,
Coz I feel better when you’re near…you’re my friend as well as mighty Lord.

Ummm… Hello, sorry, this is new to me, I’m ten years old and my name’s Dave,
I don’t know what I believe in, or even if I have an eternal soul to save,
My folks don’t seem to care about “A God” but a lot of my friends and their families do,
So I thought that I would find out for myself…and so here I am praying to you.
My friend Brian offered to take me to church with him…I think I’ll give it a try and go,
So I thought I should introduce myself…and yeah…sorta let you know.
Well, I guess I’ll talk more with you on Sunday, I look forward to meeting you,
It felt good to talk even right now! … remember… my name is David…and I’m new.

This is Tommy God and I’m mad at you, as mad as I can be!
The Bible, Church, My Parents, all praise and preach that you love me,
Well, I’m only a mere kid God, so would you mind explaining it to me,
How it is this preaching of “love” that you offer, brings me only misery?
Was it love that made my brother sick? Did love crash my friend into that tree?
Is it love that causes the world to war? Does love poison the air we breathe?
Where is this mystic love of yours God? Help me because I’m searching but can’t see,
I still love you Lord…no disrespect…I am just confused, frustrated, and quite angry.

Hello Father God, it’s Pedro here, I just thought you should know,
I’m praying from the hospital, instead of praying in my room at home,
My step-dad tells me not to worry, coz you are everywhere my Lord,
And that you will take care of me while I’m poorly and my tummy’s sore.
He tells me that you’ll be with me when the doctors take my appendix out,
And that you’ll watch me as I sleep, coz you love me, Lord, and there’s no doubt
That you are listening right now and are with me like my step-dad said,
I know I’m safe in your hands and hope soon I’ll be back in my own bed.

Hello Jesus, it’s Becca…guess what? I’m so excited and so, so very happy –
Mommy’s getting married today, best part is I get a brand-new daddy!
He is very nice, (and handsome), and he likes to play games and tea-time with me,
And he gave me a very important job – holding the rings for them at their wedding!
And he makes mommy so happy, and takes us to do all kinds of real fun things,
His name is Mark, but I’m gonna call him dad, cause he’ll me my new daddy,
I gotta go now Jesus…gotta put on my dress so that I can look pretty,
I will wink at you from my spot at the alter…Love you Jesus, see you at the wedding!

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should pass before I awake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”
Hola God, this is Javier, I’m sorry but I kinda don’t know what else to say!
I’m only five years old, and that’s the only way Madre has showed me how to pray,
She tells me that you love us though, and help people doing miracles and stuff,
And that each night I should talk to you, making sure to show to you my love.
(*Yawn*) … Sorry God I’m tired…so I’ll just give you some kisses and one big hug,
Oh, and Jesus, can you please stay by me and keep me safe while I’m sleeping all curled up?

Hello God, it’s Zena here, I’m feeling very blessed tonight,
My foster family are lovely, and for Christmas they’re gonna buy me a bike!
I just wanted to say thank you, for right now life’s feeling kinda nice,
But I haven’t forgotten the reason for Christmas – it’s to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.
I promise that I won’t forget sweet Jesus as we eat nice food,
I’ll think of Him when we open presents and are happy in the festive mood,
I thank you, Jesus, that you came in grace to bring us love and light,
And I want to wish you a “happy birthday” with all my love and thanks tonight.

Holy Father, it’s La Shea, and I’m praying to you full of fear…
The doctors told me I’m getting worse, and what time I have left isn’t clear,
They tell me matter-of-factly, that there is nothing left that they can do,
And said it’s just a matter of weeks ‘til I leave this world and re-join you.
At first I was mad and frustrated…I’m too young! But then I felt a loving calm,
As if your Son, the mighty Jesus Christ, has been with me all along,
Now I know the journey I face is filled with light, for in you I’m never alone,
So, actually, I’m okay Lord, if it’s your will to bring me home.

What would we do if we could hear the prayers that children pray?
Would we strive to be different? Would we improve the world today?
Would we lead by good example? Would our priorities be rearranged?
Would we finally stop polluting? Would we curb the damage of climate change?
Would we start to love each other? Would we listen to what God says?
Would we learn to live in harmony? Think more ‘Jesus like’ in every way?
If we all did this together, I think the world might not go so astray,
So, will you join in with me, praying child-like to The Lord today?

Michael Grgich Founder in 2015 of FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE, a Facebook Poetry Group, and Suzanne Newman also an ‘Admin’ in the group since 2017, have collaborated in joint projects for a number of years. The have jointly published “Inspired By…” a poetic journey through some of the main points of the Bible, and additional poetic works. Here is a sample. See Published Works on our Resources page for more about their first book “Inspired By…”. We understand there is a second book in the works called “Kindred Spirits”