Look Inside

As I walk the streets, my mind ablazing with sorrow,

I watch the parade of humanity pass me by.

There, the young girl is working the street corner

to pay for her stupor high.

Down the street

an old bag lady, downcast eyes and gnarled fingers,

pushes her home in a rickety shopping cart.

By the bridge that overlooks the underpass

a distressed woman totters on the very edge of life,

her mind confused and torn by delusions,

cries out in her loneliness,

decides to end her pain.

A thief stalks the store fronts, his heart cold and uncaring.

A down-and-outer, his home a cardboard box,

gives me a toothless scowl.

Deep in the darkness of an alley

a junkie, eyes delirious and arms marked,

plunges the needle into his vein.

These are but a few of the denizens

that inhabit the labyrinth of society,

yet there are more, so very many more.

Who cares for them?

Who listens to them?

Who understands them?

God does.

God cares for, listens to, and understands His children,

and His tears flow into the gutters,

through the highways and byways,

filling the nadirs and zeniths of our cities and towns.

Do we care for them?

Do we listen to them?

Do we understand them?

Do not pass them by.

Peer into their eyes to see their living soul within them.

Acknowledge that we are brothers and sisters in a global family

living in a world community under the rule of God.

Only by the grace of God do we not walk their journeys.

It is part of our nature to criticize and judge,

but before we criticize and judge severely

let us consider that we ourselves are imperfect, have made many mistakes,

have lost the way, and will get lost again.

Take a look inside, and we will look at others differently.

Do not push away with contempt, but reach out with mercy.

Do not crush with clenched fists, but reach out with outstretched hands.

This is what life is all about.

Come along with me,

and we will look at ourselves and others in a different light.

I am a Christian writer who uses the gifts and hard work of writing to express my faith and to share messages about God with others. Writing to me is about creating messages about my experiences and the life we have in our relationship with God. Writing poetry for me began in 2004, when I was looking for a poem to send out for Christmas and I could not find anything suitable. As a result, I began to write Prayers to Jesus Christ, which was my very first poem. Then I began to write poetry about life, love, time, family, special occasions and other topics like gardening. God then inspired me with a desire to write about an inexhaustible topic, Him - His love, forgiveness, mercy, power, and His daily help and presence in our lives! The context of my writing is not limited to poetry alone, but also short stories. The creativity of writing is a necessity to me, as it allows me to express my relationship with God and to share my faith with people in order that their lives can be touched and transformed in a special way as they read the messages I have written. I pray that through my writings that God will be honoured through all that I write and that those who read my poetry will be touched by the hope Jesus brings into our lives.