What does many mansions mean
In a world yet unseen
Is this all just a dream
Reality is not what it seems

Can you hear the call to come home
Where you will no longer roam

Lost in this world
Where hatred unfurls
Is there any hope
How do you cope

I found the key
To the mystery
Answers to unfold
Where one beholds

His Love for us all
Can you hear his call

There is a place for you and me
Where we will live in tranquility
Overlooking the crystal sea
For eternity

Donna Marie describes herself as a daughter of the King, a Princess Warrior. She has overcome many trails in her life with the help of Jesus Christ. She lives in the Inland Pacific Northwest in Washington, USA with her husband, her rescue calico cat and her rescue husky mix puppy dog. Donna enjoys walking her dog, hiking, cycling, reading, snow skiing, and camping. Of course, she loves writing (with her cat nearby) and reading poetry. Stay tuned for her next book of poetry coming out soon entitled; “I am the Poem”.