May I have This dance

I’m just minding my own business, getting drinks in at the bar,

When this cocky fella rocks up, looking like a movie star,

He’s wearing a red velvet suit and polka-dot cravat,

Expensive shoes, designer watch, gold ring and trilby hat!


His flattery’s convincing and he simply oozes charm,

He asks if I would like to dance, and offers me his arm,

Before I give an answer, he’s already grabbed my hand,

And whisks me to the dance floor, where he does instruct the band.


They play up-tempo music, and he twirls me round and round,

‘til I cannot catch my breath to speak and feet don’t touch the ground!

He’s having a right jolly time, is happy, laughing, smiling,

He whispers sweetly in my ear and tries to be beguiling.


I really want him just to stop, as feel I’m getting dizzy,

I do not want to dance with him, and am getting in a tizzy,

I try my best to push him off and keep on saying no,

But he doesn’t want to listen, grabs my waist and won’t let go.



Then a kindly, calm and gentle man cuts in to end this jig,

The first fella dare not protest – sees his Holy crown’s too big,

For King Jesus comes to save me, from The Devil’s deadly dance,

He won’t let him sweep me off my feet, to lie and charm, entrance.


He takes a hand to steady me as Satan skulks away,

And promises, forever, that he will keep him at bay,

For Christ is my protector, mighty Saviour and my love,

And no-one does rank higher, here on earth or Heaven above.


So Jesus says he’ll get my coat, and safely see me home,

And I’m blessed and saved and humbled, when he gifts me HIS own robes!

So happy and relieved am I, when we walk off together,

Not in any evil dance, just loving hand-in-hand, forever.

Suzanne Newman 2019

Short bio...."my name is Suzanne Newman and I live in The Midlands in England. I have always liked reading poetry, but only started writing it earnestly in 2018, when The Lord put it upon my heart. I find it cathartic and like to use poetry to share my struggles with the hope of encouraging others in a similar position. I suffer from clinical depression & anxiety & had cancer in 2015/16 & still battle with the effects of that treatment to this day."