Medium: Charcoal pencil and graphite pencils on paper - portrait drawn by Ebuka from a portrait photograth by another artist


Who can peep into Tomorrow?
Who knows what life has in store?
What will come,
What will be.

It’s a rare thing that men require.
The secret we are scared of,
The secret we never knew.

But only the Holy God knows.( Daniel 2:11)
For He is the Architect of all Lives…
Cleave unto Him,
And He will show you a Mirrow reflecting our Tomorrow.( Daniel 2:19-22)
Because He is the Revelation of all hidden things,
He and only Him lives in the Future.

I was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria (Anambra State) in the family of Nwafor Joseph. Studied at Community High School Nnewi, and by age 19 have finished secondary education. My career interest is in business, but I love arts and always want to improve more in my art works.