I don’t fear being a bridge for people to cross over;
I just hope that I don’t fold under the enormous
pressure to be strong.
Long after my time expires on this earth,
I yearn to remain alive, my fires clothing the people I’ve known,
testimonials exposing me to be someone who smiled
while carrying a load.

I don’t fear being alone anymore….
The captivating silence invited now
so I can hear a word from the Lord.
Need direction for entry through the gates of fortune,
the doors of success,
the cities of prosperity in which I’m free to tour.

I have a hope, only because I’ve mastered nothing
but the emptying of my soul to remain fed by the feeder,
teaching me that when you share what you have, you’re never needy.
I don’t fear the future; the only thing I fear now is stagnancy,
cause that means I don’t get there……

Marshall Jones is a 40 year old man on a lifelong journey of bearing fruit for the Kingdom of God. The author of "A Raven's Meal" (RoseDog Books), a poetry collection, he aspires to target the grey areas, and the people who are terribly misunderstood by society. Believing that everyone deserves a voice, he not only shares his testimony, but he also tries to use his gifting to share other people's experiences as well. He writes from the prison system that has housed his body for 18 years, but also from the place that has been the catalyst to his freedom. Click on the YouTube Link below for his Book. or go to