Old Clothes

(“Clothed with Christ”, Galatians 3)

Once again

I have been dressing myself

With oldest clothes

From the depths of my closet.

I have got behind with the washing,

And they are all that remains.

They do the trick, cover the essentials,

But they are not my best look!

Don’t let me get so behind, dear Lord,

With the washing of my sins.

It’s so easy to slip slowly away

Until one day, I look in the mirror,

And see a ragged reflection

Of what should be.

But these are the days

For putting on purple cloaks

Of a royal child,

Beautifully crafted shoes

For swiftness,

A jewel-bright crown

To be worn with head held high.

Perhaps it’s time at long last,

To throw those old clothes out?

Seven is my favourite number which holds many Scriptural resonances. So here are seven numerical snippets from my life: 1. I was born in 1967, in a village in Warwickshire, England, and grew up singing in the choir and bellringing in our village Anglican church. 2. I made a first true Christian commitment at age 14 through my school Christian Fellowship. 3. I studied Modern and Medieval Languages for 4 years at the University of Cambridge. 4. In 1993 I married Nick and we have 4 children. 5. I am English and have lived in France since 1999. I hold both British and French nationality and am bilingual. 6. 7 things close to my heart, in no particular order: Fair Trade commerce, cats, green tea, the ocean, Highland cattle, languages, and The Chosen series. 7. In July 2021 I created and began to lead a monthly online Christian poetry group, TRELLIS*, under the umbrella of the UK Association of Christian Writers. (*standing for Trust, Risk, Encouragement, Listening, Love, Inspiration, and Support) What a blessing now to join this inspirational Red Thread Poets group. Praying for the manifold blessings of the Spirit on us all, as we write our beautiful poems and songs full of heavenly inspiration and power.