Our Emmanuel


Migs, from his birth name Miguel Griffeith, has had an unbelievable life like no one you would ever expect or believe. He was taken from his mother at birth and for about a year put in an orphanage and sent to an archdiocese of Cincinnati, Ohio. Then an adoptive father sold his Corvette for fifteen-thousand dollars to afford him and bring him into a family with an older sister Melissa Hagen. His sister inspired him to write Mysteries Revealed (see link). His mother, Eunice Herbert, is the only mother he ever really knew, and Thomas W. Hagen put him through the best parochial school money could buy. His daily curriculum in school was to study the Bible daily and get graded on it. From altar boy at six, to the US Army from 1986 to 1994, honorably discharged, turning down a scholarship to Princeton University in favour of Bible college at Dispensational Bible Institute and ordained in 2005. He has studied the Bible daily for over forty-five years. Migs has been rich and poor many times. He has been homeless in fifteen of the thirty cities he has lived in almost twenty states. What he learned is that all we need is TRUTH + LOVE = LIFE. Migs doesn’t play the victim card. He uses dove love! More faith, hope, and love through grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Isn’t that what any language, country, culture, history, ethnic group, race, or any religion, needs the most no matter what they believe in? Migs is currently navigating the correctional system in Illinois USA. Please pray for him. Migs' book: Mysteries revealed - see link: https://www.redthreadpoets.com/published-works/#pub11