Poet Agreement




Red Thread Poets is a division of Red Thread Poets Inc. incorporated in Canada on December 17, 2012. Red Thread Poets is the sole owner of the name Red Thread Poets and the web site https://www.redthreadpoets.com (the “Website”).

A Poet, Songwriter, Writer or Artist (“Poet”) providing their poems or song lyrics and related information (the “Work”) to the Red Thread Poets hereby agrees to, accepts and acknowledges this Agreement when a Poet submits a Poet Enquiry to the Red Thread Poets from the Website.


The Poet acknowledges and supports the following Purpose, Core values and Rationale of Red Thread Poets:

Our Purpose:

We mobilize poets, songwriters, writers and artists, to provide inspiration to our global audience as they individually strive to transform their lives and the lives of others; spiritually, physically, intellectually and emotionally for the glory of our Triune God.

Core Values:

  • Obedience to our Triune God
  • Identify ourselves as Christians
  • Being inspiring and empowering
  • Joyfully serving and loving others


Red Thread Poets desire is that the Our Purpose incorporates what is frequently called mission, vision or cause, and that the use of ‘purpose’ is deliberate, and is influenced by this verse:

“The Lord Almighty has sworn, ‘Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will happen’ ”. Isaiah 14:24. NIV

In a nutshell Red Thread Poets thinks of Our Purpose as a Cause, to overtly inspire all people including those searching for greater meaning in their lives, in conjunction with whatever causes those people may have in their lives.


  1. The Poet acknowledges that Red Thread Poets while desiring the Poet the fullest possible flexibility to portray their work freely, with full freedom of expression, reserves the right to not accept the work of the Poet from a suitability of the Work standpoint.
  2. The Poet acknowledges the right of Red Thread Poets to not accept individual items in the Work for display on Red Thread Poets.
  3. However Red Thread Poets encourages the Poet to explore truth, ask questions, search, explore, and challenge in their Work.


  1. The Work and related material provided to the Red Thread Poets is the property of the Poet. That excludes links to third party property.
  2. Photographs provided by the Poet are the property of the Poet, and if not, the Poet takes full responsibility for having approved rights to use the photographs.
  3. The Red Thread Poets will show a Poet Copyright on each page of the Website displaying the Work.
  4. All information presented on the Website other than the Work and the Poets Photographs is the property of Red Thread Poets.
  5. The Poet agrees that poems and songs written in collaboration with other poets at the request of Red Thread Poets (“Red Thread Poets Work”) for envangelistic purposes are the property of Red Thread Poets subject to permanent acknowledgement of the names of the Poet collaborators by Red Thread Poets, and acknowledgement of the Red Thread Poets Work by the Poet writers.


  1. Red Thread Poets reserves the right to a nominal referral fee, (if ever established!) from sales made by the Poet from referrals through Red Thread Poets.
  2. The Poet agrees to Red Thread Poets offering a print function on the website that enables the public to print the Work of the Poet. Red Thread Poets cannot commit to the Poet that their copyright will show on a public made copy.


  1. The Poet is fully at liberty to withdraw (“Withdrawal”) from participation with Red Thread Poets at any time.
  2. Upon Withdrawal all Work of the Poet will be returned to the Poet within 30 days.

This Agreement comprises a part of the Poet Enquiry on the Red Thread Poets website.

September 2021.