Isaiah 41:12-13

“You shall seek them and not find them—those who contended with you. Those who war against you shall be as nothing, as a nonexistent thing.

For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand; saying unto thee:

‘Fear not: I will help thee’.”

My God how I love You

I sing in the street

And I dance in the field

Honour and praise are on my lips

As at Your Feet I kneel


You are everywhere I go

Heavenly Papa You are with me

I know You love me so

In You alone my safety lies


Father you have taken me

On bright paths

And down nightmare alleys

To teach me Your Ways


You have never left me

And when I look back

I can see You there 

In every part of every track


Oh Papa please forgive me

So often I have failed

Why did you make me wayward

Such a rebel child


You have seen me weep

For longing want of You

Lost and in pain

But still You rescued me again and again 


The Gifts You have given me

Are my brightest stars

Yet it could never be enough

For me to repay


My prayers rise before You

With all those needy wants 

And with Your Grace You bless me

In everything I do


My passionate heart runs over

For my love of You

Wherever You have led

The burdens have just fallen 

And flowers grow instead


Holy Papa Your beauty is too much

My heart breaks with yearning just for You

How can I stay in this barren place

Where there is so much to do


Yet still You bid me stay 

In this dark and broken land

And You leave me with Heavenly Glimpses

I often don’t understand 


You do not desert me

And Your ‘food’ sustains me 

With Tastes of Heaven I pray 

And those Divine Pictures 

Help me on Your Way


You have promised to be with me

And it seems my darling Papa

This is Your final Command

Go out and find the lost

In the places I will send you 

Within that foreign land


Oh Papa, my amazing Holy Papa.


Jennie Starling: July 17th 2022.