Prayer team

   On Wednesday nights, we read each soul’s request—

Now many years. Their pleas enshroud the room.

A blood smeared slide showed cancer in Jill’s breast.

A drive-by shooting stole Alexis’ groom.

   Bill, in his easy chair, suffered a stroke.

Dan broke a hip and is in ICU.

Sue’s son is on the streets, speed balling coke.

Jane’s bound in bed last week with type B flu.

   We read and pray through every person’s list

And feel the weight of sorrow on our chests.

It is a wonder how such souls persist—

Amid their weary days and countless tests.

   Many cascade down life’s relentless slopes.   

  We pray for God to lift their fragile hopes.


The writer has written sacred and secular verse for decades. He has been published in Prairie Messenger, Windhover, The Anglican Theological Review, Ancient Paths, The Christian Communicator, Time of Singing, The Christian Century, and others. He is a member of the Winston Salem Writers. He serves a life sentence, condemned to write verse. His Jesus Through A Poet’s Lens is now available via Kindle.