Mount Sinai

Psalm 15 reflection

What mortal man is worthy

To stand on your Holy hill

Or take a seat at your table

And there do eat their fill

Oh that I was worthy

To kneel before the alter

But many sins of man I own 

Would cause my case to falter

Have I never let my pride

Think I’m above my brother

Nor stand up for the righteous 

When I see them in a corner

Do I give wholeheartedly 

To help the plight of others

Or miserly protect my pot

Though death it has no coffers

Do I always speak the truth

And never stoop to slander

Does my sight not covet things

When my eyes they wander

There was but one to satisfy

And make the final grade

His perfect gift, his sacrifice

From which he never swayed 

No fault in him could ere be found

Tho many tried to test him

Pharisees and Scribes alike

Failed because he had no sin

There is good news that you should know

He’s now ensconced in heaven

His elect ones who have believed

Have had their sins forgiven 

Time is short, come join us now

And sing this glad  refrain 

As we bow before  throne

?Worthy is the Lamb who was Slain?

October 11, 2021

I’m a 74 year old retired engineer who lives in County Down N. Ireland. I’m now a widower since 2018. I have two children and three grandchildren who all live in the same area. My poetry experience started when I realised I had a knack for amusing rhyming verses regarding people in the office etc. I was then in demand for retirement poems and wedding receptions. I was raised in a Christian home and came to faith at a young age. Like a lot of young folk I was tempted by worldly things. Although during this time I never forgot my commitment and prayed for forgiveness and read my bible when I could. During my wife’s long illness I determined to commit myself fully once more and I started to attend church services again. I have recently attempted to try and write poems that could help others in their faith although I’m far from prolific. My style is still simplistic and generally rhyming.