Psalm 18 – Lord, I Passionately Love You.

From “The Book of PSALMS in Rhyme” by Brendan Conboy, being published August 30, 2021, when inks will be added here.

1 Lord, I passionately love you.

My strength is now in you!

2 You are my Fortress, my Deliverer and my Rock.

Your protection over me is strong and never stops.

You’re my refuge, my Shield

and the Horn of my Salvation.

I trust you, my High Tower of strength,

you are my destination.

3 All I need to do; is to call to you.

You are so worthy to be praised.

I’m saved from the enemy’s blaze.

4 In death’s entangled rope,

over-whelmed by torrent’s destruction.

5 I fear I have no hope,

in the snare of death’s obstruction.

6 I cried out to God in my distress,

“Save me from this mess.”

In his heavenly temple he heard me so clear.

My anguished voice, full of fear, softly filled his ears.

My deepest sob; to rescuer God.

7 The earth trembled and shook,

rocked to the mountain’s foundation.

The mountains moved and quaked,

shaken by his angry indignation.

8 Smoke bellowed from his nostrils flared.

His mouth spewed fire with devouring despair,

 coals blazing, encircling him everywhere.

9 He descended out of heaven’s drawn back curtain.

To earth he came for certain.

Through thick black clouds no burden.

10 He charged in a thunderous chariot,

his steed a cherubim.

Soaring, swooping, on the wings, of the Spirit-wind.

11 He made the darkness his secret place to hide.

Dark rain clouds of the skies, his mysterious disguise.

12 Brightness of his advance, so frightening.

Break through cloud, with his bolts of lightning.

13 His voice sounded as thunder,

amid flashes of wonder!

14 With fiery arrows he did aim.

Enemy scattered in flaming rain.

15 You exposed sea beds and the earth’s foundation,

 your mighty roar, a hurricane of devastation.

16 From way up high, he knew; what to do.

Reached out his hand, came to my rescue.

Pulled me from calamity, from despair to his pity!

17 From my enemy he delivered,

from those so strong that I quivered!

Delivered from my wrongdoer,

he is my mighty rescuer.

18 When I was weak, I truly faced disaster.

When it was bleak, support came from my Master.

19 Because of his delight for me, he considered me.

Into a spacious, precious place, he delivered me.

20 He rewarded me, according my righteous integrity,

recompensed for my clean hands of sincerity.

21 I will keep his commands and never stop.

I’ll never sin, or turn from him; no matter what.

22 I’ve stayed focused on his decrees,

obeyed everything that he told me.

23 I’ve remained upright and blameless.

I’m uncorrupted and shameless.

Pure and secure!

24 According to my righteousness,

The Lord has recompensed.

Rewarding me with graciousness,

he sees my hands are cleansed.

25 To the faithful, you show you’re faithful.

To the merciful, you show you’re merciful.

To the blameless, you show you’re blameless.

To the upright, you show you’re righteousness.

How we live dictates what you do.

To the loyal, you are loyal and true.

26 You are pure to all, who are full of pureness.

To the devious and perverse, reveal your shrewdness.

27 To the humble and innocent,

you bring heaven’s deliverance.

The supercilious and proud, are not allowed.

28 You light my lamp, illuminate my sight.

God my champ; turns darkness into light.

Shadows are no more, I see the path before.

29 With your support, through a troop I advance.

Smash through a wall, given the chance.

30 God is perfection!

His Word, tried, tested with satisfaction.

Secure in the shelter of gratification.

There’s no other god like you.

You’re the God to worship, I know it’s true.

31 You are my rock, my firm foundation.

My life secure, in every situation.

32 Filled in your strength, showered in perfection.

33 I climb high, with feet like a deer.

Stand strong and secure, with you near.

34 You have trained me for the fight,

with weapons of such might.

A bow of bronze I bend.

Into battle I descend.

35 You provide me with the shield of your salvation.

Your right hand gives sustentation.

With greatness, you made me,

inspired for victory.

36 You set me free, from captivity.

 Now, I stand restored, set to fight some more.

On your path so wide, my feet will never slide.

37 I pursued my foe and never retreated,

didn’t give up until they were defeated!

38 I smashed and crushed them into the ground,

beneath my feet I did pound.

They fled and bled, as good as dead.

39 Your strength you did bestow on me,

humbled my enemy, below me.

40 My enemies turned their backs in flight,

silenced them in their plight.

41 They cried out for help, for deliverance.

Even God refused them a second chance.

He remained silent, in such defiance.

42 I pulverised them into wind-blown dust,

trampled them like dirt, in disgust.

43 You granted me victory over every race.

Now, I’m head of the nations, in this place.

Even those I never knew serve and bow at my face.

44 As soon as foreign rebels, of me heard,

they submitted and obeyed, my every word.

45 They all lost their hearts.

The bunch of upstarts,

from strongholds now depart.

Their rebellion fades, as they crawl from their caves.

46 The Almighty lives! My Rock is blessed!

God our Saviour, our exaltation be acquest.

The Saviour of my days; is worthy to be praised!

47 God is my Avenger!

All people come, surrender.

48 Who saved me from my foe?

You lifted me from my enemy show.

The violent man, you brought low.

49 Before the nations I acclaim,

and praise your Holy name.

50 Victory and triumph he does bring,

to me David, his anointed king,

and eternally to, my off-spring!

Four main translations that were used as a guide were:  The Passion, NIV UK, Amplified Classic and the Good News Bible.  In addition, at times reference was sought in the original Hebrew, using the Blue Letter Bible.

On the sixth day, God created mankind in his own image, therefore, he created creators! I have been creating for my entire life. Like many small children, I used to create and live out my own fantasies in play (often quite constructive and ingenious). Creativity has filled every corner of my working life, firstly in engineering, then construction, before settling into charity development and youth work. As a youth worker, I used creativity every day, but especially in helping to shape and form the lives of young people. It reminds me that God is the Potter, and he moulds and forms us all, just like clay (Isaiah 64:8). Now, in my latter years, I have returned to the storytelling of my youth, and I love to use all the skills and tools I have gained on my journey of life. I have over 40 years of experience in business and charity development, mainly in in three areas, income generation, communication, and governance. Though I do still offer advice in these areas, my passion is in communication and to communicate creatively and artistically in as many ways possible, but especially in poetry. The Book of Psalms in Rhyme, is perhaps the most exciting writing project that I have every been involved in and it is scheduled to be published in August 31 2021. As I started listening to God and working on this project, I felt God saying to me, "Everything else that you have done before now, was in preparation for this". All 150 of the Psalms were written to be sung out loud and that really is the best way to read this book, out loud. This rhyming translation I have written is accurate and extremely easy to read. A sample of them is presented here.