Last night, I had another very revelatory dream. 

In my dream, I had given birth to a baby that was very very very early and was not able to survive. In fact, in my dream it was stil inside the sac when it was born. 

It was not doing well, came out very quickly

Everyone was telling me that I needed to terminate or abort this baby. 

Some were even trying to terminate it themselves. 

They kept saying it was a lost cause. 

It would not survive. 

But instead, I didn’t lose hope, didn’t grow weary and decided to nurse the baby and suddenly in just a few feedings it was the size of a normal baby and was growing like crazy. 

I believe God gave me clear revelation this baby was about my retreat ministry, the one everyone said wouldn’t make it.

Her name is Liberty. 

Liberty Retreat Ministries. 

Everyone told me I was biting off more than I could chew. 

I already had a lot on my plate.

It seemed premature, I had to keep having it at air b & b’s, it just didn’t feel promising. 

But, I nursed her and I kept pursuing, kept nurturing.

Officially Liberty is 1 year old and is thriving! 

This is an encouragement to those of you who are pregnant with a dream from the Lord or maybe you’re just starting your ministry and the future feels bleak. Maybe your ministry even feels and looks like it’s dying.

Keep nursing that baby. 

Let God bring back life into that baby

I pray for resurrected ministries and dreams from the Lord in Jesus name. Whatever baby you’ve been entrusted with, may you nurse that baby and nurture that baby faithfully and fervently. I pray for thriving ministries and faithful stewardship in Jesus Mighty name.

With Gods heavenly provision, milk from heaven, all things are possible. Don’t stop believing.

My name is Michelle King. I am a healing and deliverance minister, evangelist, teacher and preacher. I am a minister of freedom, healing, hope and truth. I live in Ohio. My desire is to set the captives at Liberty. I have been a minister since 2012 when God first called me to lead and train a bunch of military wives for battle. Now, He has entrusted me to train the Army Bride for spiritual war. For Michelle's Resources go to our Pursuit Of God page at this link: