“But I am poor and sorrowful: let Thy Salvation, O God, set me up on high.

(Psalm 69:29 KJV.)

I ran and tried to hide

From His Face

But He followed 

And would not go

Telling me over and over

He loved me so


I fought back the tears

Of blinding fears

I could not let them flow

And His endless Grace

I did not know


The ache inside was buried deep

In some dark hole 

Too low down to be seen

And still I laughed and smiled

While inside I died


This plastic life

So full of toxic love

Oh how it made me weep

And long for what I dared not touch

 Haunting me even in my sleep


And then He caught me

When I wasn’t looking

He reeled me in

And held me high

Above the pain and loss


He holds me still

And never lets me go

Outside of His embrace

His Arms are cradle soft 

Protecting me from harm


I am His daughter

So now I know 

Who gives me this ‘Living Water’

And although the pain doesn’t grow

Its remnants stay

Like stubborn thorns in my heart


These sharp reminders

One day will go

When I’m not looking

They’ll slide away

Leaving me free

In Eternity to play


 Loving Him forever.


Jennie Starling: June 17th 2022.