Spirit Torch

I wrote this at a time that a friend of mine was acutely suicidal.  We had journeyed his road of what the world calls bi-polar together for a while and I sat with him, by the roadside of Life.  We held hands as I sang to him from the Song of Life.


Old man, wise man

sitting by the road, by the fire

returning the dreaming

to another in another place


Old man, young man who is my friend


By the road of Life

The fights too hard, too long


Shutting down the dreaming of your youth


the thoughts and meanings that

Enter your mind


Tell me, old man, young man, my friend

From where these came

This wish to

Sing yourself to sleep


I hear you

Old man, young man, my friend

Your hand trembles

The fights been long, your voice faint


Yet with what can you muster

The strength that remains

To hope for better days

Invoking a song long ago

Sung over you

By One who knows

Your name

Whose Anthem joins hands


Across time and space

Old man, young man, who is my friend

Take my hand



Let’s arise

From the ashes of the fire

By the road



You are not alone as you

Call upon this ancient Song

From the north, south, east and west

The wind, sea, earth and fire


All sing the Song of Life

Halting the devils dance

The singing of



You alone hold the power

To revoke

The dance

this singing of death


Old man, young man, who is my friend


Amplify the Song of Life with me

Let it revive your weary bruised spirit


Side by side

We will stand

Extending the Spirit Torch

Igniting your song

Of life



People call me creative. Although I'm not always sure exactly what this is and how they know this with declarative confidence I've come to accept this as part of the unique expression of the Godhead through me. What this means is that I get to do lots of fun things, like facilitate creative writing groups, art exhibitions and teach a range of art mediums. The core theme of all is the Unleashing of Creativity. Over the years I've seen Holy Spirit take people to places in creativity that facilitated liberty, restored and awakened their spirits to Him. I've come to understand that creativity is about revealing truth and am constantly challenged to extend the dimensions and modalities of awe and wonder towards the One who is Truth.