December 26, 2019


This was written during a time in South Africa where, even though I was surrounded by people, I felt lonely and lost in emotion.


When the rain keeps pouring, when my eyes can’t hold back the flood of emotions that seem to control me, my soul, a chasm, aching for love from a person around me, my mind a muddle of misunderstanding, my thoughts eating away at any life still in me. “It’s okay” I say, “it’s just for a moment” but then it happens again and I cripple in a state of self-pity. I will not be controlled by the emptiness that my flesh flaunts at me. I will rest in the fullness found in Jesus. In Him I lack no good thing. In Him, I have everything I need.



One day as I walked through your courtyard,

I saw you were making a crown,

It wasn’t of gold or pure jewels,

But of sweet-smelling flowers run wild.

When I asked whom it may be for, you replied with a smile,

“You dear.”

“Your tears of great hardship have watered the garden,

Now to you belongs heaven’s beauty.”




You hold my hand wher’er I go

I never need to fear the storm

You know my failures and my foes

And overcome the deadly worm


Yea the briars prick and prod

Upon the garden of my heart

Your protecting staff and rod

Guard my temple set apart


When I see no way ahead

And only feel the rain

I ponder every word you said

Which serves to cease the pain.

I have always enjoyed all things creative whether poetry, performance, or photography. I believe that every single person is creative, it is just a matter of discovering what you have always carried within you. I have recently completed a Bachelor of Performing Arts and English and Creative Writing at UniSA, with the hopes of undertaking a Masters of Teaching in the near future. In the past year, poetry has been my main focus and I have started a poetry page on Facebook and Instagram (I: @sophie_joy_trenholm; F: @sophiejoytrenholm). I am a world traveller. I was born in Canada, grew up in Upstate New York, USA, lived in the UK for four years, and am now residing in Australia. During my years at university, I was also blessed to be able to travel to South Africa, Malaysia, and India. I love discovering the richness of cultures and the beauty that exists around the world. Travel has truly shaped the way I live and become an inspiration to my creativity. I have a big heart to see God's love revealed through the sphere of art and creativity which holds a powerful influence in our day and age. My poems tend to be short reflections about life and spirituality which often turn into prayers. My hope is that through the simplicity of the poems I wish to share, that you would be inspired and encouraged to find greater beauty in this life and the life to come.